The Importance of Commercial Plumbing

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Most of us know the frustration and negative impact plumbing related issues can have on a property. Not only is the building put at risk but the occupants too. Whether it’s a business or private property neither is spared from this seemingly unforeseen eventuality.
That’s why it comes as no surprise that commercial plumbing is one of the most crucial industries in the market.

Why Commercial Plumbing?

Contrary to popular belief, commercial plumbing is not only limited to pipe installation and repairs. However it encompasses a wide array of services that ensure the necessary systems are functioning as expected.

Prerequisites for Commercial Plumbing Companies

Any serious commercial plumbing company needs to exercise the necessary precaution when performing its services. Because they’re dealing with water that must be consumed, employing safety measures is non- negotiable. Here are a couple of examples of what they must do:
– Ensure the drinking water lines are clean
– There aren’t any harmful substances and contaminants in the water pipes
– Be in compliance with the plumbing standards and all the health codes & regulations in accordance with commercial plumbing Melbourne regulators set up
Make sure your service provider acts accordingly.
Commercial plumbers Melbourne are involved in the following roles.


Water Supply
One of major responsibilities is to ensure an establishment has a functional water supply system. This includes installation of the following water supply systems:
– Bathroom sinks
– Kitchen sinks
– Drinking fountains
– Sprinkler systems
– Water lines
– Waterproofing roofs
– Geyser installation
Fire or Gas Structures
Some properties have emergencies fire systems in place. Commercial plumbers are responsible for installing these fire sprinklers.
You’ll also find some properties—particularly in the manufacturing industry—that require the installation of gas systems. Other places where gas is present include service stations. Commercial plumbers are responsible for installing the necessary gas pipes & valves.
Cooling& Heating Services
Depending on the type of property some unique fixtures may be required. Case in point: Hotels and housing complexes will need commercial plumbers to install the following:
– Water heaters
– Geysers
– Boilers


After installing the necessary structures there’s still some regular maintenance that has to be done on the properties. This will ensure the systems are functioning optimally without any problems. Also regular maintenance allows the plumbing company to detect any potential problems. This way they can nip the problem in the bud to avoid extensive damage.
The following constitute some of the common maintenance jobs:
– Checking and ensuring the drainage systems are free from grease
– Making sure the water systems are free from any debris that may cause blockages
– Installing traps that are designed to eliminate these blockages
– Roof plumbing for instance roof flashing needs to be done on a regular basis. This is to ensure the drainage system that collects storm water is functioning properly at all times.


Apart from installing & maintaining the necessary structures, commercial plumbers are also involved in repairing any problems that may occur.
Waste Drainage
If you’ve ever experienced a blocked toilet, then you’re familiar with the horrors associated with this unpleasant ordeal. Apart from the unsightly waste products you have to deal with odors associated with that scenario.
Thankfully commercial plumbing is there to alleviate these problems and ensure your building maintains clear waste drainage lines. This is done via the following:
– Extensive waste removal
– Excavate trenches
– Lay pipelines which link the establishment’s piping system to the main sewage system
– Repair sewer lines
Water Lines
Apart from the waste drainage lines a lot could go wrong within the water supply systems. The following repairs may be necessary:
– Fixing drain leaks
– Repairing leaking taps
– Repairing faulty sprinklers
– Repairing burst water pipes
– Fixing broken water lines

Problems Associated with Plumbing

There are a number of problems that may occur resulting in an ineffective water supply system and they are as follows.
Backflow problems
This is basically when a cross connection occurs between a drinking water system and a source of contamination. This can be caused by the following:
– Back Pressure: This is when water is forced to flow in the opposite direction.
– Back Siphonage: Generally this occurs when the pressure in the water supply is much smaller than the pressure in the plumbing system.
As a result of either of the two, the end result is serious water contamination. It’s no secret the adverse effects this will have on the persons who are supposed to drink that water.
Gas Leaks
Here we have a scenario whereby gas leaks from the pipes into an area where it shouldn’t be present in the first place. The danger with this kind of leak is it may happen in small amounts and build up over time—making it hard to detect.
As a result persons who work in that area will suffer from constant headaches or dizziness. Unfortunately the end result can be a fatal explosion.


From the above, it’s quite clear why commercial plumbing is extremely important. Any building—whether in the private or commercial set up—needs these services.
Most problems that arise will require immediate attention. Besides it’s advisable to rectify any issue early to avoid paying extensively for property damages.
So why not make sure your property is up to standard by employing only the best commercial plumbers in the business?
This is one case where it’s true: The sooner the better.

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