The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing: It Boils Down to These 4 Things

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 Most property owners don\’t grasp the differences between residential and commercial roofing, which often leads to misunderstandings when roof repairs or replacements are needed. It\’s important to understand there are several things that differentiate the two types of roofs, and there are four basic differences between residential and commercial roofs every property owner should know about.

difference between commercial and residential roofing
The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing: It Boils Down to These 4 Things

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing: It Boils Down to These 4 Things

  • The Design and Materials Used

Most residential properties include traditional styles and roofing products, with a few exceptions. While some commercial properties may use the same or similar materials and construction techniques, most don\’t. If you\’re unsure which type of roofing materials are best suited for your home or commercial business, it\’s always a good idea to consult a representative from a rapidly growing company that\’s familiar with all types and designs of roofs.

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Asphalt shingles are the most common material used for residential roofing. Other common materials used for residential roofs include wood shakes, metal roofing, and more recently, solar shingles. In some instances, commercial properties may also use asphalt shingles, metal, and wood shakes, but other types of roofing are more common. The most common commercial roofing style is a built-up roof, but modified bitumen roofing and various membrane systems are becoming increasingly common.

  • The Costs Involved

One factor that everyone is interested in when replacing a roof is the cost involved. As a rule, roofing for commercial structures will cost more than residential roofing. Both the materials and labor may cost more, depending on the materials selected and the construction of the building. A large percentage of commercial properties have flat roofs, and those roofs are generally harder to make water-tight than residential roofs that, typically, have a pitched roof.

Cost of Commercial & Residential Roofing

In addition, installing a roof on a commercial building normally takes longer than a similar-sized residential roof. In many instances, roofing a commercial building is complicated by the need to avoid interrupting the business. That\’s generally not a big problem with residential properties that have less traffic going in and out of the property. Of course, roofing a new commercial building is somewhat easier, as the building will still be vacant, but the installation process can still be complex.

  • The Installation Process

The installation costs can be closer to being even when a home includes a very complicated roofing style. Many new homes include multiple gables and other style characteristics that increase the labor costs involved.

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The number of penetrations in the roof will also impact the total cost of the installation. Most homes have a few vents and maybe a chimney or two that must be dealt with, but there are generally not too many penetrations. Commercial roofs, on the other hand, frequently have numerous penetrations that must be properly sealed against the elements. HVAC installations are a good example, as they often create several large penetrations. Fans and other air quality equipment are also installed on commercial roofs, which must be carefully sealed during the roof\’s installation.

  • Maintenance Requirements

Every residential roof will require some maintenance, but unless strong storms or contact damage from falling debris affect the roof, few major repairs are needed. Flat commercial roofs often develop leaks that must be dealt with promptly. While some of the new membranes are less prone to leaks than built-up roofs, all commercial roofs will usually require more routine maintenance than residential properties.

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  • Get Your Questions Answered

If you have any questions about your property\’s roof needs, now is the time to contact a roofing expert for advice. Roofers are always ready to respond to your questions and, when needed, schedule a roof inspection and provide an estimate for repair or replacement needs.


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