Protecting Construction Workers by Dean Austin Kinslow of Indianapolis

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The construction industry is fast-paced and increasingly dangerous. Construction workers face an abundance of risks, including falls, electrocution, bone fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries. The good news is that employers can take steps to protect their valuable employees from such issues. It is essential to do so since the cost of replacing a worker is higher than retaining existing workers. Plus, employers want to show how much they sincerely care about their employees.

Dean says proper training and equipment can make a real difference in the long run. Below, readers will find out more about protecting employees in the construction industry.

Thorough Training

Experienced construction workers understand how to protect themselves in all situations. Whether they’re laying shingles or installing electrical wires, they’ll take steps to stay safe. Unfortunately, new workers may not follow the same safety protocols. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that workers know how to protect themselves. Before allowing new construction workers to enter the field, they should receive extensive training. They should receive adequate training for protecting themselves when they’re working on a roof, working around electric wires, and walking on scaffolding.

Require Protective Gear

Once someone gets too comfortable at work, they’re going to forget to protect themselves. They may rush onto the roof without securing their harness. Suffice to say, the risks are going to increase significantly. When workers enter the field, they should be required to wear protective gear such as glasses, helmets, gloves, and more. A helmet could make the difference between life and death. The employer should consider providing its workers with the necessary equipment to ensure that they’re going to have what they need.

Regardless, bosses should stay close to the worksite to keep an eye on their workers and make them wear necessary protective gear.

Using Fall Prevention Equipment

Construction workers often have to work high above everyone else. Unfortunately, this means that a fall could be deadly. The worker may have to work on a skyscraper or help lay shingles on a two-story home. Either situation will prove to be very dangerous. If the worker makes one wrong move, they may find themselves crashing to the ground. It is possible to prevent this from happening by using fall-prevention equipment. Using the appropriate equipment will greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death.

All workers should be equipped with fall-prevention gear before they step on the ladder.

Dean Kinslow Indianapolis
Dean Kinslow Indianapolis

Don’t Ignore Chemical Hazards

Depending on the situation, the worker may be exposed to chemical hazards since even concrete can be toxic to humans. It is important to make sure that all workers are protected from chemical hazards. Again, wearing the right gear can help minimize the risks. Workers should also know what to do when exposed to these chemicals. Certain chemicals cannot be washed off with water because it’ll make the situation worse. Be sure that each employee knows how to respond to every unique situation.


Dean Austin Kinslow states that workers are the backbone of any construction business. Therefore, extensive action should be taken to protect these individuals while in the field. Proper training and using protective gear can help protect them while giving the boss greater peace of mind. It is paramount for employers to use these tips to protect their valuable workers.

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