Pedram Zohrevand An INSPIRATION for Civil Engineers

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One person might be an engineer and another might be an architect, but this doesn\’t mean that they lead one another. Instead, they should work together to create designs.

Pedram Zohrevand is a renowned engineer and he has worked on hundreds of projects in his time. He has seen a lot in the world of engineering and knows what it takes to be a little bit special in the field. 

His experience has allowed him to see the growth of many a civil engineer and he knows what it takes to grow and become your best self in this field. He shares the details below and provides us with some insight in what it takes to grow in the discipline of civil engineering.

Pedram Zohrevand on How to Grow in Civil Engineering

Image by Borko Manigoda from Pixabay

What you should do is work together to figure out the solution on various non-structural issues. Is there a way you can get a corridor from one place to another, but without removing pipes that are in the way? Is there a way to integrate sprinkler pipes, duct-work and things of that nature? These are real situations you could eventually find yourself in.

You need to pay very close attention to the lectures you\’re being given because throughout your career, the subject matter will pop up repeatedly. Pedram Zohrevand a Civil Engineer comments on how we still spend a lot of time doing tasks such as turning stuff into tension loan paths, as well as compression. Even WL 2/8 makes a regular appearance.

Another thing you want to do is become as technically strong as possible. This will come in handy when you tackle a project that requires you to be a bit more ambitious than you intended to. Sure, your gut feeling will take you places, but it\’ll only get you so far. There\’ll come a time when you have to prove that stuff will work by using science, as well as math.

Remember, it is impossible to know everything. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible. Always be willing and happy to learn.

Furthermore, you need to draw a lot. The best way to communicate ideas with your design team is via drawings. Hand sketches are the best ways to explain ideas and engineering solutions to clients. Sure, design software comes in handy, but nothing beats drawings done by hand.

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