Parts of a house exterior: A tour of outside of your house

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Confused about different parts of a house exterior or what makes the outside of a house? While renovating your house’s exterior, it is pretty important to understand and know different parts of a house exterior, i.e., you’ll only be able to renovate the exterior when you know what part to replace and what needs repair.

Let’s now see different house parts names exterior:

Parts of a house exterior: A tour of outside of your house
Parts of a house exterior: A tour of outside of your house

Anatomy of Exterior of a house

A house exterior can seem like a lot of different things, but it’s actually just one big puzzle that consists of many smaller, more specialized pieces. From siding, windows, roofing, to driveway, gutters, trim, and dormer; there’re many house exterior parts.

Each part of your home’s exterior serves an important function, and when you don’t properly maintain each component, you run the risk of inviting serious structural and aesthetic problems into your living space.

If you want to get to know every part of your home, from the foundation up to the roof, follow this house tour from the ground up with us to learn about all of the different parts that make up your house exterior.

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Different Parts of a house exterior


The soffit is the space under an overhang. In a house exterior, soffit is the material or covering beneath the eave (the area of roof that extends beyond the exterior wall of a building) that connects the far edge of your roof to the exterior wall of your house.

It can be used as an architectural detail, but it also serves as a vent for moisture and heat. The downside is that if water enters these spaces, it can’t escape due to their low profile.

The two main materials used in soffits are vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl is more affordable, but it won’t last as long and will need to be replaced sooner than aluminum. Aluminum will corrode when it comes into contact with air or water for extended periods of time, but soffits are usually hidden away from view.


Fascia is the board that separates your roof edge and the roof lining. It’s the attractive board piece that runs along the side of the overhang of the roof and so it appears finished. The gutter also clings to the fascia board. It’s like a transition trim between the home and the roofline.

The fascia separates the roofing with the main living space of a house. It is also referred to as the fascia board or the roofline.


It’s the opening in the wall of a building that allows light and air into and out of the house. It also serves a pretty important architectural function in the outside of a house. The windows, or at least their placement, can make or break an exterior. Windows act as frames for your home and can affect how it is perceived by others. You want your windows to be attractive and inviting, but also functional.

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Gutters are protective systems for the exterior of a house.  It is one of the most important exterior parts of a house serving important function.

They divert rainwater away from your siding, windows and doors so that water doesn’t damage them. Gutters also protect your foundation by diverting water away from it. Gutter systems come in many different styles and colors, making it easy to find a style that will complement your home’s look.

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Driveways are most often made out of concrete, asphalt, or gravel. Sometimes you can make your own driveway by using crushed rock or gravel. Driveways make it easier for people to park their cars and get in and out of their garage doors. Driveways also help with drainage because they’re sloped so water will go away from your home.

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Trim is seen on the outside and inside of your home. It is often found on doors, windows, baseboards, and crown molding. Trim can be made out of wood or metal; it helps seal off seams between two materials like siding and soffits.


Siding is one of the most important parts of house exterior in keeping your home looking good. Siding is what protects your home from any water damage, and also helps to insulate it.

There are many types of sidings you can use for your home. Some sidings that you could use would be vinyl, aluminum, or cement.

When choosing a siding for your home you want to make sure that it is durable and looks nice on your home. You want something that will last for at least 10 years before you need any major repairs done, so try not to buy cheap materials like vinyl or aluminum because they do not last as long as cement and wood.

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The roof is one of the most important parts of a home. It protects your family from rain and snow, as well as other weather that can cause damage to your home. The roof also provides extra insulation so you stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

As you have seen, there are many different types of roofs available, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. Some common types of roofs materials are solar roof tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, stone-coated steel roofing, slate, rubber, vinyl, and concrete tile.  


A dormer is a window along vertical profile set on a slanted roof. A dormer is where you can add space to your home by bringing in more light and air. It’s also one of the most beautiful features on a home. Dormers are typically added at the top level, but may be found at any height. They are often used for bedrooms, living spaces or even as an attic conversion.

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The downspout is often the most overlooked part of the home’s exterior, but it’s one that prevents water damage by directing water away from your foundation.

The downspout can be a full length gutter, or it can be just a short pipe that diverts water away from your foundation. It also protects landscaping by keeping rainwater off hard surfaces like pavement and sidewalks, so it doesn’t encourage erosion.

The downspout is usually made out of galvanized steel, copper or PVC and attaches to the end of your gutter with caulking or screws. If you notice algae on your downspouts, try replacing them with copper ones for an instant fix.


A chimney is essential for warming your home during the winter and removing pollutants in general. It also allows smoke to escape, which means less chances of fire. There are two types of chimneys, masonry and factory-built, but they both serve the same purpose. Masonry chimneys have an outer layer that can be made out of brick, stone or concrete block.

Each component of a chimney plays an essential role in keeping your chimney and home efficient and safe.

Take for instance the chimney cap, this part serves as a protective shield from rain, snow, and unwelcome wildlife from infiltrating the chimney, thereby mitigating potential damage.

The flue liner adds another layer of safety, safeguarding the chimney walls from heat and residue,This protection is vital in reducing the potential risks of fires.

Regularly Scheduling routine inspection of these key parts can enhance your chimney’s lifespan and the overall safety of your home

Drip Edge

A drip edge is a sheet of metal bent in shape like an “L” and installed at the edge of a roof. Just as the name suggests, it directs water away from the fascia and into the gutter or downspouts. A drip edge is usually made out of metal or plastic and attaches to the bottom edge of your roof. The purpose is to protect against water that runs off your roof from seeping into your home. Drip edges are most often seen around chimneys, dormers, porches and overhangs.


What is the cover over a front door called?

The cover or overhang over the front door of a house is called portico. It’s a little roof that overhangs the exterior entrance door and is supported by columns. It’s an old architectural style that dates back to ancient Greece. The other name portico is awning or simply overhang.

What are walls made of in houses?

Walls of a house are often made of brick, concrete block, or timber. The most common types of walls are made with timber posts called studs covered with plasterboard, or fiberboard. In stud framing, aluminum or steel are also gaining popularity.

What are the parts of a roof called?

Different parts of a roof include eave, attic, drip edge, decking, valley line, fascia, ridge, dormer, and hip. These parts of a roof depend on the type of roof you have for your house. Some allied parts of a roof include vent pipe, downspouts, and chimney.

What is a rake board on a house?

The rake board covers the top edge of the siding as a separation between the roof line and the living area of the building. The rake board prevent rain from running behind it.

What do you call the front of a house?

The front of a building or a house is called frontage or entrance. In terms of structure, we divide the house in two portions – exterior and interior. The front of a house is the exterior portion of a house.

The bottom line

Being a new homeowner, you’re not at ease with terminologies and the anatomy of a house’s exterior structure. So, it makes sense to start from the bottom and work our way up to the roof; this approach will help you gain insight into all of the components that make up your home’s exterior and how they relate to one another structurally, aesthetically and even environmentally.

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