November, 2015 Edition of Iamcivilengineer – The Magazine

“Iamcivilengineer – The Magazine” is a digital as well as printed property of – the premium civil engineering website. The theme of “Bridging the gap, filling the voids” clearly shows our intension. We have put forward this effort in order to have an organized set of information, derived from genuine sources and present them in a digital rollercoaster that can touch your heart.

November, 2015 Edition of Iamcivilengineer - The Magazine
Iamcivilengineer – The Magazine

Here you will see news updates from around the globe, interesting facts and figures that make you “woo”, technology and research that can open-up a whole new dimension in your life as a civil engineer.

This is the first edition of the magazine, despite of troubles and problems we are facing, but yet our intension is to provide with you a hallmark that can win your heart. This is just the introductory version of the magazine, and thus we have an appeal :-

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