How to protect the reputation of your construction company

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If you’ve worked hard to build up your own construction or contracting business from scratch, then you’ll want to protect it from any misfortune or damages that can occur and potentially ruin all your hard work.
Whether it be an unpreventable accident, a natural disaster or somebody sullying your business’ good name, there are some steps that you can take in order to minimize damages to your reputation from any unexpected events that could occur.
Business insurance is one obvious place to start, but that only goes so far in an industry fraught with potential disasters. In addition to your insurance, you should also consider this range of measures as additional lines of defense against the risks and uncertainty associated with the building trade.
Make sure all your employees have appropriate safety training
If you’re a successful business, then you might find your services in demand at a rate at which you simply cannot keep up with. You can hire more staff but getting them trained up and on site proves to be a logistical nightmare.
Even so, you should never cut corners when it comes to safety training. How to safely operate equipment and use personal protective equipment should be common knowledge among your workforce before they are allowed anywhere near dangerous machinery.
With so many health and safety risks involved in construction, ensuring that your employees have adequate training will help to prevent them being a danger to themselves, others, and your business’ reputation.
Trademark your business
Imagine you’ve spent years trading as your business, gaining a strong reputation across the industry. Then, somebody else comes along and sets up a company with exactly the same or a similar name to yours, produce substandard work, and your standing takes a hit as a result.
There are countless famous examples of trademark battles and if it’s a problem that can afflict the likes of Apple and Samsung, then it’s a problem that can afflict you. Speak to a patent attorney San Diego, CA, such as Buche & Associates P.C., who can advise on trademarking your business and patenting your ideas to prevent the chances of any theft of your intellectual property.
Carry our risk assessments yourself
Ultimately, you are the boss, and that makes you the person responsible for everything that goes on in your construction company. No matter how busy or important you might be, that makes it imperative that you are the one who carries out risk assessments and safety analysis of new jobs before letting your workers loose on site.
Wood dust, asbestos, and medium density fiberboard – which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t actually banned in America – are just a handful of the potentially hazardous materials that your contractors could end up encountering.
These materials have short-term medical effects such as respiratory complications and in the long run, can lead to chronic problems in later life. That’s why it is critical to assess the work area before the project begins, identify any hazards in advance, and make sure your team is well prepared for it. If you aren’t a business owner who shows care for their employees, then your reputation will suffer as a result.

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