How to Bring More Natural Light into Your Property

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Natural light and the amount a property receives is a huge selling point. A brightly lit home is one that supports the mental and physical health of its occupants, which is why it is no wonder that homeowners and city planners alike invest a lot into how much light a single property receives. Even in a grid-locked city like NYC, there is a lot of careful thought and consideration that goes into light, but thankfully in residential properties, it is the homeowner that has the power.

The Role of Light in Civil Engineering

Designing spaces for the city is complicated. You need to consider flow and the wellness of every single person within it. It is for this reason that big cities like NYC have started to map the shadows of their city so that light can be accessed as much as possible by residents everywhere. Even reflected light off glass windows will do the trick, but not having access to any light at all does and will take its toll on the mental health of those affected.

The Role of Light in Wellness

We need this natural light for two main reasons. One, because it allows our sleep cycles to regulate. We wake up in the white light of day, and go to sleep after sunsets. We can, of course, trick our bodies with the same blue-white light from our electronic screens, but you can avoid this by putting your phone on night mode.
The second reason is because we frankly need vitamins we can only get from sunshine. Vitamin D is important for absorbing and using calcium. Without one or the other, our health will suffer.

How to Bring More Natural Light into Your Property

Every homeowner out there has plenty of opportunities to bring in more natural light into their home. The top suggestions that you can start to commit to today are:

1.    Remove Obstructions from Windows

Your windows should be free from obstructions. Items placed on the windowsill, plants, furniture, and even curtains should be removed from the window and placed around it instead.

2.    Use Light Neutrals

Light colors in your décor scheme will do wonders for reflecting the light. It will make your whole property brighter and more welcoming.

 3.    The Magic of Large Mirrors

If you have areas of your property that natural light does not touch, use mirrors. You can often angle them in ways that will reflect the light into the dark corner, thus brightening more of your home without relying on electricity.

4.    Add Windows

When in doubt, add windows. This can be the perfect solution if your property is older and has a pitched room. Roof windows would not have been as common nor as practical as they are today, so by adding a window to your top floor, you can instantly brighten your entire home.
You owe it to yourself to make your home as comfortable as you need it to be. If this means adding extra windows and using other tricks to brighten the home, then invest in them. Natural light is very important for our health and our sleep cycle, so start saving today.

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