How Do I Choose The Right Work Boot?

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All work boots are not created equal. A smokejumper, for instance, is going to need different work boots than a postman. Visit There are some factors to consider when looking for work boots. Those factors include:
Boot Height
Taller work boots are ideal for those who work in the deep woods as they offer maximum protection and for linesmen. However, the problem with these boots is that they are heavier and hard to put on. On the other hand, shorter work boots are lighter, cooler and all-purpose.
The best work boots in the market (Wescos and Whites) are very strong but also very heavy. According to backpackers, one pound on your feet equals 5 pounds on your back.  This is something you should remember when looking for your work boots. Heavier boots used to be associated with better support.
Nowadays, this is no longer the case as lighter weight boots offer good support. This is because these boots are made from materials that make it offer excellent support mainly because of the greater understanding of arch support.
Water Resistance
Some work boots are made from waterproof leather, others are made with breathable materials while others have waterproof membranes (Gore-Tex). Waterproof boots are ideal for those who stand in water all day. However, they don’t let moisture out (despite the claims). When you wear boots with a waterproof membrane, you will feel wetter and hotter. The boots are hard to dry every night (check below).
Safety Toes
Steel-toed boots are ideal for certain job sites. They add weight and make your feet cold in winter. On the other hand, alternative protective footwear is made with composite protective toes, not steel.
It is good to wear insulated boots when the temperatures drop. If you wear these boots in summer your feet will be hot and sweaty. Boots with mesh or fabric uppers are ideal for the summer seasons. While these boots are not durable, you need to wear them especially if you’re a UPS driver in Tucson.
Boot Construction
Welted and stitch down are durable and you can resole them several times. Cement or direct construction-where the outsole attaches directly to the upper- can at times be resoled. This depends on the work boot. Is resoling very important to you? If it is, ask your retailer more about resoling.
It is a fact that all of us want to look good. You can select contemporary hiker styles, traditional moc-toe styles or decide to choose the ironworker look.

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