Hiring a Box Trailer – A Quick Transportation Solution

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Are you looking for a fast and easy way to transport your goods? If you don’t have the cash to hire a truck why not try a smaller scale transportation application such as a box trailer?
There are many reputable companies that hire equipment out to people who need a quick transportation solution. Box trailer hire is straightforward and you don’t need any specialised skills or vehicles to tow one of these.
So what exactly can a box trailer do for you? What kind of goods can they transport? Let’s find out.

What can You Transport with a Box Trailer?

Box trailers are quite versatile. They’re typically used to transport heavyweight items. This includes construction power machines such as jackhammers. Box trailers can also be used to transport large quantities of items, namely:

Transportation of messier goods such as fertiliser and oil is easier when using box trailers. That’s because box trailers are effortless to clean. Simply hose the trailer down after transporting messy goods and let it dry in the sun.

Why Use a Box Trailer?

Trucks are an excellent form of transportation but sometimes they can be a bit expensive. A cost-effective way to transport goods is to use a box trailer. They come in many sizes and they’re easy to add to cars or trucks that need additional storage space.
Why are box trailers easier to use for transportation than trucks? One drawback of using a truck is that there are some height restrictions. Trucks have roofs that may not be able to accommodate items with extreme heights.
A box trailer allows you to transport items, machinery and other goods of different heights easily as the trailer doesn’t have a roof. Ensure you secure the items with rope before transporting loads with different heights.

What to Consider When Hiring a Box Trailer

What’s the Weight of Your Load?

As with any transportation application, there are weight restrictions when hiring box trailers. Ensure you hire a large enough box trailer that can handle the weight of your transportation loads. But the weight of your load isn’t the only aspect to consider. It’s also essential you know your towing capacity.
If you’re towing loads by car, you’ll need to know what weight your vehicle is able to tow. You can find this information in your vehicle’s handbook.

Box Trailer Capacity

Before hiring a box trailer you’ll need to consider the maximum load capacity of the trailer too. Larger trailers can transport more loads that are heavier. Small scale trailers can only move small quantities of certain weights.
Consider the weight and quantity of your load and pick your trailer accordingly.

Is Your Vehicle Equipped to Tow a Box Trailer?

As mentioned before if you’re towing the box trailer by car you’ll need to know the capacity you can transport. But it’s also important to have components on your car that allow you to tow trailers, such as a tow bar.
If your car has a tow bar then you’re one step closer to enjoying the mentioned benefits. Typically box trailers have an integrated axle to allow you to easily connect the trailer to your vehicle’s tow bar.
If you’re unsure of how to attach the box trailer to your vehicle you can get one of the employees at the hiring company to assist you. Let them show you how to remove the attachment from your vehicle so you know how to do it on your own.

Are you Confident Towing a Box Trailer?

Driving with a trailer attached to the back of your vehicle requires some skill and experience. Driving your vehicle will be very different because you’ll have a heavy load attached to your car’s rear. You’ll need to know how to park, reverse and turn with the trailer attached to your vehicle.
If you’re not confident driving with a trailer on your own, there are driving schools that can teach you the skill. Simply find a reputable driving school and ensure you gain the know-how to transport your goods safely.

Final Thoughts

You’re required to have a specific type of license to drive a truck and these vehicles are expensive to hire. The solution: you already have a license to drive your car and you don’t need additional credentials to tow a trailer. All you need is the confidence to drive with a heavy load behind you.
A box trailer is a quick logistic solution because they’re easy to hire and you can use it to transport different types of heavy items. It’s the easy solution to transport your goods hassle-free.

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