Zahra Malik

Hi, I am Zahra Malik from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am a student of 3rd Year civil engineering in University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila. 

I was very fascinated from the structures i.e. Bridges, Skyscrapers and  Buildings etc. This was the only reason of choosing civil engineering. 

But after 2 years I am getting more interested in the theories of Soil Mechanics and Geo-technical engineering. 

“As a girl itโ€™s quite challenging to be a civil engineer.”
I am very fond of writing, reading and research. This hobby leads me too writing blogs about my field. I started writing this from past 6 months and I find myself enthusiastic about it. Reading blogs related to civil engineering and sharing them to others is my amiable passion.
Zahra Malik
Zahra Malik
As a girl itโ€™s quite challenging to be a civil engineer. Most of the times, you encounter with the people they degrade you as a girl because they think that civil engineering is only for boys. ๐Ÿ™ Fortunately, I m blessed with very supportive family and they helped me all through. ๐Ÿ™‚
Basically, I am from Northern Punjab but I was born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I know Urdu, Punjabi, English  and a bit Arabic. I like reading, playing, art and watching TV. Apart from that I want to know about softwares of every kind.
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