GD&T ▽ Why you use it ▽ Some Benefits

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This is a brief article on geometric  dimensioning and tolerance and are also known as GD&T  and what i want to cover in this article  is some of the basics of: Why you want to  use GD&T, What some of the benefits are  and how you utilize GTD to set up a particular part so you can go through  the manufacturing and inspection process ?

GD&T ▽ Why you use it ▽ Some Benefits

Why do you use GD&T?

 There are three  basic reasons our three basic elements  of GD&T. One it helps communicate part  intent and function through the design  manufacturing and inspection that means when you\’re designing the component or  when you\’re manufacturing the components  or when you\’re inspecting component, you\’re  able to do is see how the part is put  together and understand what the  relevancy of the features are in  relationship to each other.

It also helps you to do a standard with how you set the part up when you manufacture it as well as when you inspect. It also provides a more precise depiction of part features.

So, what this GD&T will do is? it\’ll help you  understand how certain features in your  component are actually going to be  precisely measured with relationship to  their use and third it focuses on  feature to feature relationships.

GD&T the components of GD&T actually help you understand how one feature interacts with another feature you know and what is the most important aspect of  that feature are the most important  series of aspects of that feature that  help you with that relationship to  other features.

So it helps you get a  better understanding of what GD&T is and  it helps you understand you\’ll develop  an inspection method and a manufacturing  method that is consistent so nobody\’s  just winging it  everybody\’s doing everything the same  way and you end up knowing different  part is good or bad or manufactured  poorly because everybody follows the  same standard method.

Benefit of taking GD&T Training course

GD&T is essential to ensure functional information and design intent from the assembly to its individual parts.  This insures accurate fitting assemblies and spare parts regardless of where they are manufactured.

Designers, toolmakers, inspectors and project managers will greatly benefit from GD&T knowledge.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing course here by GD&T Online covers the fundamentals and principles of the ASME Y14.5-2018 GD&T standard.  Most courses focuses on the geometric characteristic symbols explaining in detail each symbol, feature control frames, different modifiers and how they affect tolerancing when placed in the feature control frame.

The course also goes into depth on datums and datum reference frames, partial datums and datum target points.  You will be exposed to methods of inspection for the characteristics symbols, composite feature control frames and design exercises.  The course is delivered with a combination of principles, exercises and drawing examples from an instructor with professional ASME standing and over 20 years of practical experience.


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