Gang form Construction – The advantages in construction industry

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Unlike traditional methods of construction that are labor-intensive, gang form construction is an excellent choice for building homes faster offering high quality of work.

While gang forming may not be the most traditional method of construction, it offers several benefits over more conventional techniques and materials.

Not only is it faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods, but it also results in a stronger and more durable building overall.

This article explores some of the reasons why gang form construction should be considered when building your next warehouse or storage facility, and discusses how it compares against traditional methods of construction.

What is gang form construction?

Gang forms are becoming a popular choice of contractors because of their versatility and capacity, the appearance of the finished work, and increased productivity.

Gang form construction involves the use of formwork system for the exterior of the building.  It is a method of creating concrete walls combing large size steel form plates with the working deck system that is combined into monolithic arrays.

The concrete structures that make up a building are connected to gangs by anchors. Gangs can slide up to the height of the building and work within 2-4 floors under construction.

This type of Gang form system, or Climbing Formwork System, is operated by a tower crane.

The process

Huge pieces of form work, equipped with scaffolding, are dangling from a crane cable. Workers on the ground swing the form sections into position, helped by ropes called guys, then assisted by hands.

Gang forms are several forms joined together that, usually because they are too heavy to set by hand, are usually set by crane, which is often the deciding factor in their length.


  • Conventional formwork system doesn’t have any safety component, so we need to use scaffolding system that is time taking and is labor-intensive. However, with gang form system you don’t need major safety system.
  • Traditional method of construction and formwork needs a lot of space in warehouse and at site for storage. But that’s not the case with gang forms. So, the management and handling of equipment is pretty easy.
  • The construction wastage reduces considerably by using gang form construction. In traditional wooden formwork, once the walls are constructed, the forms are discarded. However, gang forms can be re-used over and over again.
  • One of the great advantages of gang form construction is the versatile design freedom it provides. Unlike traditional methods, which can be quite limiting, gang form construction allows you to create just about any shape or design you can imagine. Plus, with the ability to add architectural features like columns and arches, you can really give your home or office a unique look that will stand out from the rest.
  • One of the main advantages of gang form construction is that it is cheaper than traditional methods. The
  • reason for this is that there is less labor involved and the forms can be reused multiple times. Additionally, the forms can be made out of recycled materials, which further reduce costs. Overall, gang form construction is a more efficient and cost-effective way to build.

The bottom line

This method of construction allows builders to get projects completed faster and more efficiently than traditional building practices—with more consistent quality, less waste, higher energy efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Brickless is the first company in the U.S. to implement the gang form system construction method, and they have built more than 15,000 homes is various countries since 1990.

What makes Brickless stand out is that it does all construction and design in house. By working as a vertically integrated company, Brickless is able to optimize the construction cycle by reducing project timelines and costs. To develop construction services at the highest value, latest technologies are used as a management platform to ensure construction is strong, safe, functional and long lasting.

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