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For every company and for every website, its fans and users are a source of inspiration and motivation. Same goes for We receive the appreciation and motivation from our fans which can’t be compared by any sort of monetarily benefits etc.

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let this website not stop

2 Tarique Aziz

thanks brother for sending me such awesome civil engg. books

3. Fazal Mahmud Gondal

Dear Saad iqbal,
How are you, thank you for loading bundle of books. Shall it be possible for me to study in depth all of these? You know I became too old & weak. More over I am diabetic & insuline dependent & have to walk 4 miles dail on my feet. I pray for your long happy life with pleasurs.
Ok God bless

4. Noman Haider

Aug 30th, 10:04am
now i got gr8 collection of civil engineering books

More to come…..

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