FAQs about membership


  • What are different membership levels?
  • What is our Membership Fees?
  • What payment methods are supported?
  • How to get free membership?
  • How to get paid membership?
  • Can I cancel my membership any time?
  • What are discount coupons?
  • What are benefits of having membership?
  • Who should apply for membership?
  • After how much time my membership will be activated, after payment?

What are different membership levels?

Iamcivilengineer covers all the types of users out there, so currently we have 4 different levels of memberships which are as under;

1. Free for life

Free membership is actually free with $0.00 amount and you have the authority to access all the free downloads, softwares, books, excel sheets that are marked just for free Users. You can upgrade any time.

2. Bronze

Bronze membership is for $5.00 per month which is a recurring payment and needs to be renewed each month. If you want a limited access just for a small time for some downloads than bronze is for you dear. Like if you want to download only two or three premium books and don’t want to download all than this Bronze Membership is meant for you with monthly subscription charges; you have the authority to cancel any time.

3. Silver

Silver membership is for $13.00 per year – If you want to get unlimited access for a large period of time than this membership is for you. You will be billed after every year and you can save easy bucks for lifetime. All the premium stuff on iamcivilengineer.com will be in your reach. Signup today and start downloading now.

4. Gold

With Gold have unlimited access to the VIP / Premium Stuff for lifetime without worrying about recurring payment cycles and payments. You will have access without any limits / restrictions. You will enjoy our 24×7 customer support with any on demand material. You will get the membership card along with a certificate and many more stuff for free. Gold membership is for $50.00 for first time and then after every 3 years $40.00.

What is our Membership Fees?

It is different for different levels of memberships. The fees for different levels are listed below;

  • Free – $0.00 completely free – no hidden costs
  • Bronze – $5.00 per month – every month you would be charged for $5.00
  • Silver – $13.00 per year – you would be charged $13.00 every month
  • Gold – $50.00 per 3 year – you would be charged $40.00 after every 3 years.

What payment methods are supported?

Currently our membership portal is accepting payment by both online payment options and offline payment options; both are fast, secure and reliable.

Online Payment methods


Paypal – a fast and secure payment method is one of the mostly used payment methods for online shopping and online checkouts, iamcivilengineer also supports paypal payments and is recommended as well.

Pay by credit card

We are accepting the widely used credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Our Credit card payment gateway is the most secured and reliable with SSL encryption for maximum protection as you can see in the picture.

Offline payment methods

For all the offline payment options you can select Pay by Check after which your invoice will be generated which will remain unpaid and your membership will still be inactive. After your successful payment we will be notified and will activate your membership manually.

Pay by Western union

Western union is the most recommended method for our international users; to send money through western union. Find your nearest western union agent from official western union website. Go to the agent with your national identity information card with your name, address and expiry date of identification card. After sending the money you will be informed about the secret MTCN (money transfer control no.). After transaction you will email us at [email protected] with the details of the transaction after which your membership will be instantly activated.

Pay by bankwire transfer

Wire transfers are sometimes time taking as they take a week or more depending upon your location. So if you want to pay by bankwire you might have to wait for the money to be actually deposited before your membership activation. If you are an international users than we have bank accounts in America, Germany, UK, China, Japan. If you are a Pakistani Customer we have bank accounts in Askari bank, Allied bank you can transfer through any bank to our account.

Pay by Check

You can send your signed checks to our address which you can get after calling to our helpline no. +92-347-9231525. But this pay by check option is currently only for our local Pakistani customers.

Pay by Easypaisa, upaisa, jazz cash, mobicash etc.

This payment option is only for our Pakistani customers; you can deposit to any easypaisa shop vide your cnic no. and your mobile no. Our information you might need for transaction.
CNIC: 37405-7572043-7
Cell: 0347-9231525

How to get free membership?

Free? Yes for sure; we are always trying to provide the content free of cost to our members. But just for our maintenance costs we have introduced the paid memberships. However, the free membership is always free with $0.00 cost and no hidden charges, you will enjoy unlimited fast downloads with instant activation upon submission which is automatic and instant. You will be notified of your membership activation instantly even in less than 10 seconds (as fast as a rocket!!)

How to get paid membership?

Paid membership is a premium membership and by getting this membership only you will have access to our 100% content genuine and premium. Mostly 40% our content on iamcivilengineer.com is for paid members so if you ever want to download this than you need to get paid membership.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes for sure, you can cancel your membership anytime after which you wont be charged any more and your access to the content will also be cancelled.

What are discount coupons?

These are special codes occasionally offered to have a discount at the checkout. If you want to have a discount coupons you need to stay up-to-date in our social media network as well as on our website. We will offer and announce these discount coupons you can use during checkout to have a discount.

What are benefits of having membership?

You will get unlimited downloads with unlimited options and followings benefits :-
1. 1000+ Books on Civil Engineering Free to download
2. 100+ Civil Technical Softwares
3. Software installation guides
4. 1000+ Civil Engineering tutorials, Excel Sheets
5. Hundreds of Cv / Samples
6. Membership Royal Card and Certificate

Who should Join?

Any one who is interested or working or studying in the field of construction and civil engineering. If you are a student than we encourage you and will offer you discounts for sure. Also inform and tell you friends so groups can enjoy the discount also.

After how much time my membership will be activated, after payment?

As already mentioned, using our new membership portal we don’t support manual works anymore all the procedure is now automatic and is controlled by our website. You submit form – pay your free – membership is activated instantly. Even our offline payment options is only as fast as in hours.