Essential Security Devices To Install Around Your House

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Never has it been more necessary to protect our homes than today’s desperate times. It has been reported that each year, more than 2.5 million homes in the U.S. are broken into. And if you think it couldn’t get any worse, studies show that home burglaries occur every 13 seconds.
And given the fact that about 66% of these burglaries occur in residential homes, your beloved abode may just be the next. Clearly, there is no better time to ensure the safety of your home. And you know what they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”
Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into and if you have decided that it is high time that you jump into these protective measures, here are the five most essential security devices you can install around your house.
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Essential Security Devices To Install Around Your House

Nest Cam Outdoor

If you want to begin securing your home, what better way start than with the outdoors? Lucky for you, Nest has come up with the perfect outdoor camera to do the job.
The Nest Cam Outdoor is designed to constantly record in 1080p high definition video. Not only that, it also comes with quality night vision, a weather-proof camera module and rugged cord to protect itself against extreme weather, and a two-way audio which allows you to send and receive audio through the Nest Outdoor Cam.
Probably one of the best features of the Nest Outdoor Cam is its Sightline option. Through Nest’s own Sightline mobile application, it allows for easier video browsing, making use of dots and still images to locate a particular event in the recording. It also allows you to easily rewind and fast-forward through the recording.
The Nest Cam Outdoor’s 24/7 security makes for the perfect outdoor camera and through the mobile app, you’d be able to catch anyone trying to trespass into your home.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Camelot Trim Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm

Nothing can be more assuring to know that all your doors are safely locked while you’re away enjoying a nice out-of-town vacation.
With the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Camelot Trim Deadbolt, you are given this reassurance along with the perk of never being locked out of your own house.  This is because Schlage has designed this effective deadbolt to remember 30 lock codes which means that each one of your family and friends can get to have their own code.
Much attention had been given to this touchscreen deadbolt including a matte finish in order to prevent criminals from tracking the smudges off your fingerprints. Furthermore, the deadbolt was integrated with an anti-pick shield to protect against lock tampering and making it 100% pick proof.
The Schlage Camelot Trim Deadbolt also comes with a built-in alarm system designed to sense door movement to send an alarm to alert the homeowners. The alert for this alarm system comes in three: activity, tamper, and forced entry so that you would be able to distinguish normal door activity from unauthorized entry.
The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Camelot Trim Deadbolt connects with your home through a computer or any mobile device and with your own service provider, you’d be able to get the features that you want for your home.

Welcome Home Security Camera

If you’re looking to know who comes and goes in your home, then Welcome Home Security Camera may just be the right device for you. Equipped with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, Welcome offers remote security monitoring.
Welcome Home Security Camera can help alerting you whenever children or your elderlies pass in front of the camera. This way, you won’t need to worry whether they have arrived home or not. Welcome also has a pet recognition feature that can send you a notification whenever the camera has spotted your beloved pet. However, you can also easily disable this feature.
As always, this revolutionary camera will also alert you through your smartphone whenever an unidentified person intrudes upon your house along with a video and a picture of the said intruder.
Finally, Welcome can also inform you whenever it hears an alarm in your home, whether it be a smoke alarm, a CO alarm, or a security alarm.
If you’re worried about your loved ones feeling uncomfortable being constantly monitored by Welcome, the security camera offers you the option of disabling recording familiar faces.

Nest Protect

Security doesn’t just have to be focused on intruders and burglars alone. Nest Protect is designed to detect smoke and carbon monoxide. But unlike most smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Nest Protect has a smart sensor that is able to distinguish between smoke and steam.
Straying away from ear-splitting smoke alarms, Nest Protect will speak first when it detects smoke and carbon monoxide before the alarm goes off, as well as sending your phone a notification.
Nest Protect could either be battery-powered or wired and also serves as a night light whenever it senses you walk by.
Lastly, if you have Nest Thermostat, Protect can work in tandem with it so that when it detects danger, the former could disable your home’s heating system.

Riley WiFi Home Monitoring Robot

If you want your own security guard but can’t afford an actual person to do the job, why not try Riley WiFi Home Monitoring Robot?
The Riley Robot is designed to act as a set of eyes whenever you’re gone and roams around your home making sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Its durable tracks are made for going around different kinds of surfaces from carpets to tiles and even grass.
This tiny robot would stay connected to your home’s WiFi and keeps you updated with a steady stream of live HD video and audio which you can access on your smartphone.

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