DIY Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips

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Maintaining and improving your home is the key to a healthy and safe home environment. A workable maintenance and improvement plans in use will keep your home running efficiently in the long run. But having too much to do in your life and being up to ears in work; it is quite possible to forget vital home maintenance and improvement tasks.
But you know what; you don’t require an overwhelming and extensive heavy-duty work in your home maintenance and improvement chores. Even if there are some glitches where you can’t find a way out; you can take help from YouTube DIY videos. You’ll find hundreds and thousands of videos for each home maintenance and improvement jobs like replacing furnace filters, cleaning gutters, cleaning windows, testing your HVAC and so on.
Feeling intrigued? So, just roll up your sleeves, zip-up that pair of old jeans, and slip your hands in handyman gloves to get started with these ingenious home repair and maintenance tips:

Why should I undertake home improvement & repairs myself?

For every homeowner, all pesky little problems bring in a lot of nuisance and fear of money loss. But with simple daily upkeep and improvement, you can keep your home in good shape and avoid costly repairs down the road. Undertaking home improvement and repair jobs can make a huge difference in your bank account.
All professional contractors charge big bucks for home improvement repairs and that’s why it’s tempting to utilize your very own handyman skills before things get complex. DIY-ing doesn’t need specialized know-how or training, nor does it require a lot of time or money. At this stage, fear of causing further damage will discourage you from going DIY but don’t worry because your brain is wired to stop you from doing anything extraordinary and new.
Here is a typical home improvement and repair checklist for you to get started.


Your roofing requires periodic checks and regular upkeep to prevent the need for replacement. So, check your roof especially after heavy rain or snow for missing and wrapped granules. A leaky roof needs thorough inspection because even dripping water can compromise the structural integrity of your house. Some leak-prone areas of your roof include skylights, vents, and chimneys. You should remove tree branches, piles of leaves and other large debris that may damage your roof covering. The drains and gutters, if loose or having cracks needs to be replaced. Look for the signs of moisture in the rafters and attic so you can spot damage before things go south.

Windows & Doors

Drafty windows and doors are a major culprit of high energy bills in extreme summer and winter months. The caulking around your windows takes the abuse of harsh weather and needs to be replaced after each season. So, inspect the caulk line and if you see dry, cracked, and weathered pieces; replace it with a new bead of caulk along the seam. Using simple DIY techniques, which you can browse through YouTube, you can seal up your drafty doors and windows pocket major bucks in terms of energy savings.
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Annoyed of broken windows and cracked sills? Well, you can even repair and refurbish your windows by painting, re-glazing, and replacing a cracked glass yourself. All you need for this is a suitable sandpaper, paint of appealing color, and windows glaze. Although it’s a time-consuming job it’s a perfect DIY task that lets you save thousands of dollars.


Although, HVAC is the most costly system to repair and replace a periodic inspection and maintenance can save you from a lot of trouble down the road. To replace dirty air filters, hosing, and clean exterior A/C units regularly. Your unit’s coil still can get dusk and dirt that will lose efficiency over time to clean it after every 2 to 4 years. Have a look at the thermostat for its settings or a need to replace batteries. You can calibrate your thermostat quickly. If your HVAC system has reached 10 or more years of age you should plan your budget for a replacement.


If you’ve got corroded or non-functional fixtures like faucets, toilet bowls flaps, and handles; you can replace it without a hassle. After years of continual use, the shower might need cleaning. So, remove the showerhead and clean the inside portion by filling with warm water, vinegar, let it soak for a while. The water can clog the holes so clean it to restore water pressure to normal levels.
In severe cold months of winters, you should avoid freezing pipes that can quickly burst pipes. One way to avoid is to keep a warm trickle of water running out of the faucets when outside temperature dip below freezing.
Plumbing issues and leaks are critical and must not be ignored as the severity can affect your water bill and water damage is hard to handle. So, whenever; there’s a leaky faucet or running plumbing fixtures; replace it without wasting the next second.

The bottom Line

It’s quite amazing to own a home but maintaining it, requires a commitment and determination. Whether you hate it or not; but at some point or the other, you’ve to undertake occasional repairs and regular maintenance tasks.

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