What to Know About Building Wraps  

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While homes are under-construction or undergoing renovations, it can be tricky to protect interior structures from the elements. The need for protection from wind and rain as well as temperature swings is essential to the building.

Luckily, building wraps provide a solution in this situation. Building wraps, also shrink wraps, are applied as a protective layer over scaffoldings and construction areas just like the conventional asphalt-treated paper. But building wraps can be applied much faster than the traditional asphalt-paper solutions.

Here are seven important benefits of using building wraps:

  1. Temporary Weather Protection

The primary function of building wraps is to provide suitable temporary weather protection to otherwise exposed portions of buildings in construction. With lengthy sheets of continuous membrane protection, the building wrap covers the largest and smallest cracks and gaps between building structures.

  1. Protection From UV Light

Building wraps also protect the structure and items within from harmful UV rays. These wraps are made of fire-retardant and anti-static membrane, making them far more suitable to the construction site use

  1. Moisture Control

Building wraps form a protective barrier that keeps out the harmful elements before the building’s stalwart exterior is completed. These building wraps will prevent moisture from getting into a wide range of residential and commercial locations. While preventing moisture from entering the building, they also allow for the moisture within to escape. In the end, moisture protection can greatly reduce problems with moulds, bacteria and pests inside the building.

  1. Controlling Air Flow

Did you know that moisture can thwart the smooth function of the insulation in the building? This is why proper airflow through the walls of the building is so important. If there are leaks present in the infiltration or exfiltration units in the home, the insulation will not be functioning properly. This also means that the home will not be running efficiently. A proper building wrap can be used to address small fissures and gaps keeping the air flowing properly through the building. This can improve the efficiency of the building and reduce monthly energy bills.

  1. Reducing Unnecessary Delays

With building wraps in place keeping the interior safe, interior work before the exterior of the home has been completed. This adds a smooth flow to the construction project and avoids the costs of project overrun.

  1. Other Benefits

  • Building wraps also provide these benefits:
  • Versatility — available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Sustainability — extra protection means less wear and tear.
  • Easy to recycle — recycle building wraps easily.
  • Professional Appearance — They provide a neat and clean look to scaffolding sites.

Wrapping Up…

Building wraps perform an important function on construction sites. Once you have tasted the extensive benefits of efficiency and protection these products provide, you may never go back to the conventional method again.


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