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Are you tired of searching for the right influencers to promote your business? Have you, too, been sending emails and messages to tons of influencers but no considerate response? Trust us when we say that most of the PR emails end up lying in the Spam folders of most of your favorite influencers. Most of the time, the ones you are able to connect with are not the right fit for your business, making the collaboration less effective and not worth spending the time and resources.

Shoutsy is an influencer marketing app built to bridge the gap between businesses and influencers looking for brand collaborations. It was developed by CEO and founder Brenden Swank along with his partner Miguel Dey in the year 2021. The platform facilitates both the businesses and influencers looking for the right fit to expand their social media reach through marketing.

The Boom in Influencer Marketing Industry

The influencer marketing industry has been calculated to be worth around $14B as per the statistics of the year 2021. This shows the rapid incline of the marketing industry towards this niche. With the increased usage and higher impact of social media on the common people, businesses have started shifting from utilizing conventional advertising methods to marketing their products through people who influence a particular community consisting of a considerable amount of people. An average American gets to see about 4000 to 1000 ads every day. There is a high chance that any message conveyed through these advertisements sticks into the minds of the audience. Most of it gets ignored.

Shoutsy was developed keeping in view the psychology of the current generation. People now tend to prefer shopping for things that are recommended by those who they look up to. No one has the energy nor time to go through long tv ads and brochures.

What Makes Shoutsy Stand Out?

Shoutsy has emerged as the only influencer marketplace to have made the whole PR process easy for both the influencer and the businesses. This is a global platform with a pinch of innovation in its interface.

The app is designed such that businesses are able to view profiles of thousands of influencers ready to accept PR packages and collaborate using the SFS method (shoutout for shoutout). The profile of every influencer gives information on important factors that are likely to affect the campaign. These include detailed information about the niche in which they work on social media, the type of target audience, preferences and restrictions of the particular person, personality, height, age, gender, etc. Such information makes the filtering process much easier for businesses, and they are able to choose the right pick for their project with much ease.

The app facilitates those involved or interested in drop shipping.

Marketing Techniques Supported by the App

Shoutsy is determined to use unique and untouched marketing methods to increase the reach of businesses and influencers. Two such marketing methods include SFS and Micro influencer Marketing.

Shoutout for Shoutout

SFS is widely used to expand the followers as well as the reach of both parties. The influencer gets to be featured on the social media handle of the business through posts, stories, or videos. The followers of the business get to know the influencer. In return, the influencer gives a shoutout to the brand, which increases the trust of the people who look up to them in the business being marketed. Such practices are common on Snapchat and Instagram stories. The influencers having a huge following on social media platforms are favorites for shoutouts.  The app filters the influencers that are capable and also willing to collaborate using shoutouts.



Using micro-influencers for brand promotion and marketing is one practice that is uncommon yet much more fruitful in terms of final results obtained.

The best example of the technique is influencers having a decent following of around 1-5 thousand followers and getting paid to try free food at their local restaurants. They, in return, give reviews on social media platforms where their followers get influenced by their opinion as they have an ample amount of trust and rely to a certain extent on their favorite people for their choices.

Shoutsy lets businesses choose the micro-influencers that influence and interact with their target audience, making the marketing process more precise and impactful. The advertisement reaches the right audience, thus getting the desired results while cutting down the advertising expenses.


The platform is home to several micro-influencers as well as small businesses. Shoutsy is determined to empower small businesses as well as influencers. The motto is to take everyone from the bottom right to the top.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Format of the App

The app is designed in a way that is easy to use by both parties. A business can filter from thousands of local as well as international influencers on the basis of their availability, demographics, charges and much more. There is also a direct message feature that lets you connect directly to the person you are interested in and discuss further details of your project.

Businesses have been saved the time and resources used for reaching out to several influencers who might not look at their PR requests and might not even be interested in collaborations and promotions. The app introduces businesses to influencers who are ready to sell promotions. It saves both parties the time wasted in negotiations by providing maximum details beforehand.


The app makes the marketing process fast by reducing the time for influencer hunting.


Give your business the boost it actually needs by connecting with the right person. Choosing the right person to advertise your brand is one crucial step for effective marketing.

The app is now available for both android and Apple. Get the latest updates about the app through the Instagram page


Download the app NOW and get connected with your next marketer.

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