Benefits of buying reconditioned electrical transformers

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It is without a doubt that reconditioned transformers have proven in the field. Transformers are a great asset even in the middle of their useful life, provided they are used and maintained properly. So, in today’s read I’m going to talk a bit about benefits of using reconditioned electrical transformers for use on the United States Electrical grid.
Unlike other equipments that don’t easily lend to being reconditioned by nature of its design, reconditioned transformers are a sound consideration. But an important consideration for reconditioned transformer is that the cost to rebuild must be significantly lower than the cost of build new.
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Benefits of reconditioned transformers

With that being said, let’s now analyze the benefits of reconditioned transformers:

Lower Cost

These reconditioned transformers are relatively at lower cost between 10% and 40% lower than new. Well, although the new transformers are of efficient designs and they tend to give you slight efficiency gains but overall, the savings in power bills will never offset the upfront cost for a new transformer.

Speed of Delivery

In US, the new transformers are being manufactured between 10 to 30 weeks depending on the market condition. So, if you’re met with an emergency situation, this may not be feasible for you. At H2LV, we can push from 9 week to as far as 20.

Lower risk failure

As you know that among most of transformer failures, major failures happen immediately upon energization. So, this means if you’re buying a reconditioned transformers, you can assume that the transformer has served for a time, and then removed from service with no issues.

Lower Environmental Impact

Although, some people believe that new transformers are more efficient and more environmentally friendly with low losses. However, even the efficiency gains made in recent years will never be able to offset the environment impact of manufacturing a new transformer.

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