benefits of buying reconditioned electrical transformers in United States

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Reconditioned transformers are proving to be a great asset in the field. Transformers can be a valuable asset, even at the end of their useful lives, if they are properly maintained and used. Reconditioned transformers can be a valuable asset even during their useful life. This is why I am going to discuss the benefits of using them on the United States Electric Grid. Reconditioned transformers must have a significantly lower cost of rebuilding than new.
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Reconditioned transformers offer many benefits

Let’s now look at the advantages of reconditioned transformers.

Lower Cost

Reconditioned transformers can be as low as 10% to 40% compared to new. Although the new transformers have more efficient designs and can offer slight efficiency gains, overall the cost of a new transformer will not be offset by the lower power bills.

Speed of delivery

The new transformers in the US are manufactured within 10 to 30 working weeks, depending on market conditions. This means that if you are in an emergency, it may not be possible for you to get the new transformers. We can push up to 20 miles at H2LV.

Lower risk of failure

Major transformer failures occur immediately after energization, as you probably know. This means that if you buy reconditioned transformers, it is likely that it has been in service for some time and was then taken out of service without any issues.

Lower Environmental Impact

Some people think that new transformers are more efficient, more eco-friendly and have lower losses. Even efficiency gains in recent years won’t be enough to offset the environmental impact of manufacturing a transformer.

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