Benefits Associated With Ethanol Fireplaces

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Ethanol fireplaces are increasingly popular and for good reason as you will read below. Read on and see why people are moving to them and away from traditional fireplaces.

  1. They Burn Cleanly

Ethanol burns completely producing very little to no smoke. The only byproduct from the burning ethanol is heat and water.  This makes it safe to use in enclosed spaces (but with fresh air circulation), which is unlike traditional fireplaces and stoves that emit smoke and other toxic compounds.  Although the ethanol fireplace doesn’t need a chimney, its advisable to ensure there is adequate air flow in the room when the furnace is on. Ethanol requires oxygen for complete combustion – this is to say, you will be competing with the fireplace for oxygen. Leaving the window open, or even the door, provides adequate oxygen supply for the smooth running of the same. Be sure to follow the manufacturer\’s instructions when using this fireplace.

  1. Doesn’t Require Cleaning

As indicated earlier, ethanol burns cleanly leaving no soot or ash. This means you don’t have to deal with ashes or clean the fireplace as frequent as you would with a wood burning fireplace. All you need to do is ensure the fireplace is in its best condition.

  1. No Hassle Storing Ethanol

Ethanol (the fuel) is readily available in stores near you. In addition to this, storing the fuel is much easier since it comes with easy-to-store quarts. Bio-fuel doesn’t attract animals, bugs, or insects into the house, hence perfectly safe in the kitchen cabinet or store.

  1. Portability

Ethanol fireplaces are highly portable. They can be used both inside the house and outside as well. Setting up the fireplace is easy too. This means you can set it up in whatever spot in the house you feel best. This can be the patio, porch, or mount on the wall. This is unlike other types of fireplaces that have to be fixed in one place inside the house.
It is worth noting that, bio-ethanol fireplaces can only be used as a supplemental heat source for the house. The heat produced is just enough to keep one room warm and not the entire house. This however may depend on your primary source of heat and choice unit.

  1. It Is Environmentally Friendly

you don’t need fossil fuels to fuel your fireplace. Bio-ethanol is readily available and safe to the environment.  The fireplace is also safe for all as it doesn’t produce any embers.

  1. Easy to Operate and Ignite

Filling the fireplace with fuel is very easy, all you need is a funnel to pour the ethanol in. A long-handled lighter is used to ignite the fireplace, which produces immediate ignition. You therefore don’t have to worry about the sudden \’whoosh\’ experienced when igniting firewood.

  1. Easy to Put Off as Well

Ethanol fireplaces come with a snuffer that makes putting out the flame relatively easy. You however should be keen to ensure there is no fuel on the stove after putting it out. Ethanol evaporates quickly.

  1. Aesthetics

These fireplaces have a more modern look and feel, hence can be used as a focal point in a room.  You also get to choose the right-sized fireplace for your household. It makes the perfect gathering spot during evening family/friend gatherings.

  1. Easy to Install

The improved portability of ethanol fireplaces makes them very easy to install. No setup costs are needed to get the fireplace working. All you have to do is identify a safe spot to mount the fireplace.
Ethanol fireplace inserts may however require a bit of experience when installing them. The cost of instating these doesn’t however compare to a fraction of what you\’d use for traditional fireplace installation. If you want to know more then read this piece on 5 Reasons to Own an Ethanol Fireplace
From the benefits outlined above, it is clear that ethanol fireplaces are beneficial for all.  Their benefits outweigh drawbacks by far. They are therefore a more feasible investment for your home.

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