All You Need To Know About External Wall Insulation

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Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, and ensure that the money spent on heating bills is not going to waste.  Draught-proofing can be effective; however, it is too focused and the cost benefits are difficult to realise.  The bottom line is that prevention is more effective than a cure.

  1. Improving The Thermal Comfort Of The Home

One of the major misconceptions regarding insulation is that it is only useful during the water months.  The fact of the matter is that insulation slows down all heat transfer, regardless of whether the heat is found outside or inside.  As everyone knows, heat moves towards colder air.  What this means is that during the colder months, the heat stored in a home and the insulation will prevent the air from transferring through the house\’s walls to the colder outdoors.  During the summer, the opposite will happen – the insulation will prevent heat from the outside entering your house; thereby, ensuring that the property remains cool on the inside.  This is evidence of insulating keeping the house warm during winter and keeping it cool during the summer according to

  1. Reducing Heat Loss Through The External Wall To Save Money On Energy Bills

Research has found that during the colder seasons homeowners can lose approximately 40 percent of their properties heat via the walls.  Of course, external wall insulation can reduce the loss of heat dramatically; therefore, saving the homeowner at most £400 per year on heating costs.  While the initial cost of external wall insulation installation is expensive, the advantages of this item are immediately seen.  As a consequence, it is a long-term investment and can pay for itself by reducing the energy bill each year.

  1. Reduction Of Noise Entering Your Home From The Outside

When we speak about improving the acoustic capabilities of a property with EWI, we are referring to the mineral wool system.  Rockwool, also known as mineral wool, is a highly effective soundproof system used to reduce the amount of noise entering a building.  It is recommended that the mineral wool system is used by people who live along busy roads, next to trail lines, and in other equally noisy areas.

  1. Improving The Property\’s Fire Resistance

Another advantage of the Rockwool system is that the mineral wool is highly fire resistant – it is made using volcanic rock.  By installing this type of insulation boards to the exterior of a building, you will be prepared for a fire as the mineral wool system prevents the spread of fire; therefore, reducing the level of damage that could be experienced by the property.

  1. Saving Space

For all individuals who reside in a solid walled property, the thought of installing internal insulation may seem disheartening.  The amount of insulation you required to make any type of difference to the thermal comfort of the house could potentially result in a loss of a lot of internal floor space; thereby, reducing the value of the house along with the installation being highly disruptive.  Based on this, many people opt for external wall insulation as this will not use internal floor space and the installation is placed outside of the house; therefore, you will not experience any disruption from re-decoration or furniture shifting.

  1. Increasing The Value Of The Property

Installation of external wall insulation not only saves your internal floor space, but it can also increase the value of your property in various other ways.  Firstly, it can provide the house with a \’facelift\’ improving its curb appeal and making it more attractive to potential property buyers.
A second way the external wall insulation can improve a property\’s value is by increasing its energy performance.  By installing enough insulation to improve the EPC rating, the value of the property can rise dramatically.  This is due to the fact that buyers in today\’s housing market are searching for properties with a high energy performance rating.  As household bills are increasing, buyers are always looking for homes that are cheap to run, and external insulation can help achieve this goal.

  1. Protecting The Outside Walls Of The Building

By installing external wall insulation, you can create a protective barrier around the property reducing heat loss and preventing the effects of extreme weather.

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