A Place for Everything: 10 Reasons You May Need to Erect a New Building on Your Property

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You’ve got the land, but what can be done with it? There’s plenty of land worldwide that is sitting and not living up to its potential. For most owners, this is no big deal. But when you’ve got a little extra cash and some time, a new building can really get the creative juices flowing. There are plenty of choices to go within the agricultural, commercial and residential field.

10. The Guest House

A guest house brings with it the benefit of privacy, something that everyone appreciates. It can be for visiting friends, in-laws or even children coming from college. The guest house can be used to host small parties that you don’t want in your actual home. Guest homes are great to have, although there is a negative stigma attached to them. Some people assume that guest homes are only for the rich and elite and have no use in a regular setup. That simply is not true, as there are many residential homes with guest houses right behind them (or on the side). Think of the guest house as an extended privacy fence between yourself and potential guests of your home. It has all the necessities of a real home, so there really is no downside to including it on your land.

9. To Complement Your Pool

If you have a private pool, a pool house is a nice touch. Instead of having to run back in the house to do things, you can go to the dedicated pool house. Just like the guest house, it has everything you would need already included. You can have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or anything else that guests might need. But most importantly, the pool house is made for relaxing. When done correctly, a pool party will stay isolated to that area of your land and keep guests from walking in and out of your home. Additional add-ons for a pool house includes more living space. It can double as a semi-guest house if you don’t have any extra room.

8. Your Old Shed Looks Horrible

Every homeowner has that person on the block with the broke down shed that looks like it is from the fifties. It is trashy, and really brings the value of the neighborhood down. This structural mess should be dealt with ASAP, so if that person is you, then great news! You now have a reason to build one of many incredible new storage spaces. Modern sheds are incredible, and can even have electrical outlets with full power. Some families have turned their bigger sheds into a man cave, filled with posters, a sixty-inch television, and a massage chair. But for the basic people of the world, a simple shed that holds all of their tools will do the trick.

7. Become A Landlord

If you’ve got enough land, why not build another home and rent it out? This can turn into a very profitable venture provided you have all the paperwork in order. Business is booming to the point that websites can’t keep up with the demand. This is especially true if you live in a high demand area where events take place. Instead of booking a hotel, renters will choose a homelier option. This also becomes mandatory for tourists that wait too long to book a hotel room. It is up to you whether the new home will be rented for short- or long-term stays. It gets a little dicey with laws when you want to rent it out long term, so short term stay is recommended. The most important thing to remember is that this can vastly change your insurance policy from top to bottom. Do your homework first so that there are no surprises when you claim damage.

6. Unused Land Doesn’t Make You Money

This is the top reason to consider building property on your land. It’s just common sense, regardless of your beliefs on making money. If the land is doing nothing (absolutely nothing, no gardening, decorations, etc.) then it is wasted land. Sure, it is your land, but what’s so special about that? Choosing to build within an unused spot on your property is a smart investment. There are no downsides unless you choose a specialty property, and it raises your land value. No one is going to complain that you covered your empty space with a building that has societal use. But how many times has someone told you what a beautiful, empty piece of land you have? Build now and reap the benefits immediately after it is constructed.

5. An Upgrade Worth Having

Add a new wing to your existing home. Or better yet, build a smart home. Smart homes are becoming more common since the technology has finally caught up to current living standards. Things like solar energy panels are now standard, and cable companies have enough bandwidth to introduce ‘smart’ features in a home. Heated floors, temperatures that change based on ambient temperatures and homes that speak to you. Now, this may sound like a bit of mumbo jumbo, but Alexa and Google home are now actual things. Your smartphone is more powerful than your desktop computer. And to top it all off, your smartphone can interface with your car, watch and home. This is the type of foundational technology that is worth constructing an actual building on. The only drawbacks are understanding how big of a project a smart home can be. You can’t ‘halfway’ a smart home and expect to get positive results.

4. Instead Of Driving To Work, Walk

A room for your home office is nice. But what about an entire office? It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to have all of the essentials. This opens up your living space to something more practical and allows you to work from home, but not out of the home. A small office building with one floor doesn’t take up much space. If you’re looking to bring in workers, getting your hands on professional grade equipment isn’t hard at all. New and used office equipment is insanely cheap when buying from the right vendors. When you make this upgrade to a staffed small office, paperwork needs to be filled out by the dozen. This includes insurance for the working space, and of course ground rules since it is on your home property. If it keeps you out of traffic for a few hours a day, then a home office is well worth it.

3. When Is The Last Time You Saw A Dog House?

Dog houses aren’t as popular as they used to be. This has a lot to do with dogs being a recognized member of the family, so of course, their place is inside. So, what would be the purpose of a dog house? A dog house is just like any structure on your property, only this particular one is built with a dog in mind. It can have their favorite toys, a place to get fresh water, and a nice spot to rest out of the sun. Both big and small dogs can benefit from having a dog house, even if they are inside dogs. If you think treehouses are fun, what do you think dogs think of doghouses?

2. Leftover Materials From A Previous Project

When there are leftover materials from a previous project, consider using them for a new building. Whether it is to start from scratch or reinforce a built structure, it is a good way to get rid of perfectly usable materials. You can build something small like a dog house, playpen, porch, walkway or even a small dollhouse for children. Erecting a building on your property doesn’t always have to be a huge undertaking.

1. A Bed And Breakfast To Be Proud Of

Remember reason number seven? Well take that idea, and then combine it with reason number four. A bed and breakfast is a great way to make money in a family-friendly atmosphere. It is also a good business investment if you have the time to put into developing customers. Small time amateur bed and breakfast owners make a lot of money by providing renters with a friendly place, good food and a safe room to stay. You don’t even have to go out of the way to market your services, as there are plenty of sites that function as a hub for sharing that information. A bed and breakfast is a commitment, so make sure to go in with all of your permits intact. This website is a good place to learn about the type of building that would be best for commercial businesses.

Wrap Up

Once the decision is made, you can erect the building of your choice. Your property value is guaranteed to go up with this new addition, so a new building pays for itself instantly. This is a long-term project, so buckle down and prepare for a fun ride. After it finishes, you can start making plans for the next big project!

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