7 Ideas For Styling A Contemporary Living Room

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A balance between simplicity and elegance characterizes contemporary interior design. It’s one of the most distinguished choices in designing home interiors due to its timeless appeal.

Styling your living room with contemporary design elements can be a little challenging. It’s easy to get too excited about bringing in furniture and decorations that may take up too much space.

Interior Wallpaper Mockup
Interior Wallpaper Mockup

Here are seven ideas for styling a contemporary living room.

  1. Choose A Minimalist Design Sofa

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. This furniture takes up a large portion of the living space, so choosing the right size and design is necessary.

When choosing a sofa for a contemporary interior, always go for minimalist designs. This type of design features clean lines and curves that can either soften or bolden the space. If the area has well-defined edges, you may soften the look by choosing a curved sofa.

There are various sofa designs to choose from in styling a contemporary living room. You may browse a wide range of modern sofas at RJ Living.

  1. Select Neutral-Toned Furniture

Contemporary design plays around the neutral palette and is defined by the contrast of black and white. This trick makes your living room more sophisticated and spacious.

One of the best examples is placing a center table made with black steel legs and a white quartz tabletop. You may also set up a corner storage rack to accentuate straight lines.

Selecting neutral-toned furniture brings all the elements together within a space. It’s a simple design trick that’s easy to follow when shopping for new living room furniture.

  1. Integrate Bold-Colored Accents

Going all-neutral can make the space look clean and sleek, but sometimes it can also look too monotonous. To bring in some splash of color within the area, you may add bold-colored furniture and decorations as accents.

One of the rules in interior design is leaving a certain percentage of space to add some pop of colors. You may do this by adding colorful throw pillows, placing an accent chair, or hanging some colorful paintings on white walls.

A contemporary design gives designers and home DIYers the freedom to mix and match different elements. Deviating from the palette allows you to personalize your living area.

  1. Add Some Natural Elements

Adding some natural elements within your living space is a hack to maximize the comfort in your home. Aside from their high aesthetic appeal, they help keep your home close to nature.

Natural elements like stone and wood are a perfect feature for every contemporary living room. A wooden center table easily adapts to any interior color palette because of its warm neutral color. On the other hand, a marble tabletop adds a naturally luxurious feel to your living room.

Moreover, you may also use wood slats to add straight lines in the area. You may use them as a space divider or cladding on the TV wall.

empty poster frame on beige wall in living room interior with modern furniture and decorative green arch with trendy dried flowers, white sofa and armchair, 3d render
  1. Leave Enough Negative Space

Another distinct feature of contemporary interiors is wide open space. Aside from light-colored walls and neutral-toned furniture pieces, a foolproof way to open up your living area is leaving enough negative space.

This trick is based on the golden ratio followed by most interior designers. The total floor area should be measured and leave at least 40% negative space. Then, you’re left with 60% of the total area to furnish.

When choosing furniture pieces, make sure they’re the right size to avoid overcrowding the space. For smaller living rooms, choose a sofa, chairs, and side tables with visible legs to create the illusion of wider floor space.

  1. Blend In Some Textures

The most challenging part of styling a contemporary living room is the risk of going too plain and flat. Although the area looks more spacious, the lack of textures and dimensions can make the space less inviting.

Adding some textures within your living space can be done in several ways. You may add a cut or plush pile carpet, wooden furniture, and textured decorative pieces. These elements can add character and depth to the space.

Another easy way to add texture is layering. You may place some throw pillows and blankets on the sofa to make the space comfier. Adding flower vases and plants can also bring life and colors to your home.

  1. Bring In Some Natural Light

A living room looks extra spacious when it’s well-lit. When light bounces from the windows to the walls, ceilings, and floors, the space can look bigger, warmer, and more inviting.

If your living room currently has big windows, you may soften the sunlight by installing sheer curtains. For ones that have shorter and smaller windows, install the curtains a little bit higher to create the illusion of a bigger window. Then, add some wall mirrors to maximize the sunlight passing through.

Flooding your living room with sunlight can also prevent the growth of molds. The sun’s UV rays actively kill molds, which is highly beneficial in protecting wooden furniture and hardwood floors.


These ideas are just simple guides to styling your living room to improve your home. You may consult an interior designer to guide you through the process meticulously and increase your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

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