5 Key Services a Professional Civil Construction Firm Should Be Offering You

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Civil engineers are professionals who provide a range of services for commercial and residential buildings and other structures. There are key services that are available from civil construction firms and it is important individuals understand what is offered.
What Is a Civil Engineer?
A civil engineer designs, builds, supervises and provides remediation and repairs for a variety of construction projects. These professionals apply their knowledge and skills to both physical and environmental structures, including commercial building structures. Individuals can go to HelitechOnline.com to discover more.
5 Key Services Provided by Civil Construction Firms
There are a few key services that should be provided by a civil construction firm. If a firm does not offer these integral services, it is wise for individuals to seek another firm.

  1. Foundation repair is one of the key services any civil engineer firm should offer. Commercial buildings can experience significant foundation damage due to soil shifting. These professionals use anchor systems and piers to correct the foundation damage and protect the building. Without these services, catastrophic damages can begin to occur.
  2. Concrete leveling is another vital service provided by civil engineers. When concrete slabs become unlevel, this is often caused by shifts in the soil underneath. Using specialized equipment and techniques, the engineers will level the concrete, making it stronger than ever before so continued damage is stopped.
  3. Waterproofing services are essential for any civil engineer firm. Civil engineers are highly trained to be able to seal commercial buildings against water damage. They should offer solutions for both foundations, basements, and crawl spaces.
  4. A civil engineer should also offer specialty concrete block foundation repair services that use a Carbon-bond Structural System. This service reinforces concrete blocks and can help to make buildings more structurally secure to ensure further damages do not occur.
  5. Rebuilding foundation walls is another important service provided by civil engineers. When the foundation walls of a building are too far gone because of damage, replacement is essential for structural stability.

Civil Engineers Save Properties
Property damages often begin when foundation shifts begin to occur. A civil engineer can work to design and construct solutions to stop the damage and make the foundation stronger than it was before. Civil engineers create solutions that help to save buildings and prevent their structural demise.
It is imperative building owners are cautious in choosing a reputable civil engineering firm. Research is key for learning as much as possible about the firm so the right choice can be made. When individuals compare engineer firms and the services they provide, they will be able to make a sound decision that benefits their building’s needs.
The right civil engineer firm should offer a mixture of structural and geotechnical solutions for commercial building owners. From earth shoring to aggregate piers, these commercial services are vital for keeping buildings stable and free from damage.
Those who are in need of these services can rest assured their building will be properly assessed so the damages can be repaired. A civil engineer provides deep foundation services for buildings of all types and sizes. Without these services, some commercial buildings could become dangerous due to the increased damage they suffer. Building owners should be made aware of these services to be proactive in protecting their building.

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