5 Construction Tools & Equipment That Will Make You Get the Job Done

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Construction is a tough industry to work in and requires constant alertness. Having the right tools to complete the job is a must for success.  Thankfully, there are many industry tools that can make construction much easier and safer.
Choosing the right tools is paramount for lessening on-the-job frustration. When construction workers do not have the proper tools to work with, they can often find themselves taking much longer to complete the job or dealing with safety concerns. With this information, you will learn about the top 5 construction tools and equipment you need for getting the job done right the first time.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tools and Equipment

When starting a construction project, checking the size of the project is a must before choosing any new tools. Big construction jobs will require larger pieces of equipment than smaller jobs. The size of the equipment should be comparable to the size and scope of the construction project.
Construction crew managers also need to consider their access to parts and maintenance. Are parts readily available? Are there experts that will be able to provide maintenance and repairs, should the equipment need them?

Top 5 Construction Tools and Equipment

While there are many tools and pieces of construction equipment workers may use on the job, there are five that are a must.

  1. Jigsaw – A jigsaw is just one of those tools a construction worker cannot live without. Jigsaws cut a variety of materials without back-breaking work. With a blade speed of around 3,000 strokes a minute, this powerful tool can be very helpful on the job.

  1. Drills – With the many advances in tools, most construction workers would feel like they had reverted to paleolithic times if they were forced to manually remove screws or drive them in. Drills are powerful tools that help construction workers move much faster in the erection of buildings.

  1. Crane Trucks – Crane trucks efficiently remove earth during the excavation process. No construction site would be complete without them. Finding the right crane trucks for sale is an integral part of gathering the tools and equipment that will be needed for each construction project.

  1. Dovetail Jig – Dovetail jigs are crucial for woodworking projects. This tool quickly cuts dovetail ends on pieces of wood so they can be joined precisely.

  1. Table Saws – This is a tool you will most likely find on just about any construction site. The powerful circular saw can be set to different depths and types of cuts, making the job much easier.

Safety Is a Must

Using construction tools the way they were meant to be used is extremely important. According to OSHA, the construction industry has a higher fatal injury rate than other industries. Taking the proper precautions and using tools according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial.
Having the right tools for the job is essential in any industry, but especially so in construction. With the above tools, you will be well on your way to having the right instruments to safely and effectively carry out construction job tasks. With the right tools and equipment and the proper safety protocols, there will be fewer injuries on the job site and the work will be able to be completed much more efficiently.

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