5+ Advantages of Suction Excavation – Vacuum Excavation

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From being environmentally friendly to being cost-effective and having a minimal impact on the environment, there are numerous reasons why suction excavation can be considered an ideal approach to excavate for your next project.

Suction excavators have brought innovation to the field of excavation and digging. The moment you imagine an excavation activity, your mind is stuffed with images of dirt, slush, and disruption all around the area. But thanks to the suction excavators and vacuum excavation work, such a disruption is now long gone.

Unlike traditional excavation, where you’ve got a boom and a bucket, here the digging happens due to high powered fans. This machine first sends gusts of compressed air that fractures the ground, and then suction happens to remove the material safely. Suction excavators can dig upto 141 feet of depth with the help of a hose. The achieved depth and the dia of the preliminary hole depend on the ground conditions. So, no hauling and manual handling of dirt is involved.

Whether you’re engaged in earthwork for railways or highways, or you need to dig deep for power plants, power utilities and the telecom sector, suction excavation has a lot to offer. Such versatility and adaptability make it an ideal excavation method for urban areas where minimal disruption is required.

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What is vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is also termed soft dig technology. As the name suggests, this method involves removing debris and ground soil with a blast of air and water. Vacuum excavation is one method of hydro-vac or hydro vacuum excavation. The selection of the method depends on the type of soil. It is a mechanically less-invasive method of digging that reduces the associated health risks for workers on site.

Hiring a professional suction excavation company

There is no denying that you can maximize the benefits of suction excavation or Dry Suction Excavation by engaging a professional team in your area. This is because the professionals know what they are doing. They will ensure that you have the highest degree of success in excavation projects. With their help, you will be able to develop an excavation methodology that uses the best possible resources. They will also guarantee that you do not waste any money, and you won’t have to worry about site incidents or utility line damages. So, dry suction excavation is worth the money.

Benefits of Suction Excavation Method

With the best equipment at hand and engaging a reputable excavation company, you can harvest a plethora of benefits of suction excavation. Here’re some guaranteed benefits of using this method for your next project:

Minimum manual labour involved.

Engaging manual labour for excavation is a time-consuming and costly method. So, why not use a technique that can enhance your overall put by almost 16 times and eliminate the need for expensive labour. Yes, suction excavation can minimize manual handling and take your output to the next level.

No disruption to underground utility

While using an excavator, you’re always worried about puncturing a utility pipe that could result in costly repairs and disruption to the progress of site activities. With suction excavation, all the process is less-invasive.  

No more reinstatement is needed.

Because suction excavation is less destructive and least invasive, you won’t have to spend considerable time reinstating the site and handling dirt and dust. The machine can handle and take care of the spoil and slurry. Such a method significantly reduces reinstatement costs.

Reducing traffic disruption

During traditional excavation and trenching, traffic disruption and associated hazards are a big concern for the excavation companies. You need to use a safety fence and barricade a considerable project area to avoid untoward incidents. But with such, traffic disruption creates an unpleasant condition for the traffic users. However, with vacuum excavation, you got a minimum impact on the traffic of the area. Such a non-destructive approach is becoming popular in urban excavations. You can even undertake suction excavation at a fast pace to ensure minimum disruption to your commercial property and business.

Perfect for frozen ground

It is too hard to dig the frozen ground with manual excavators. But with the suction excavation method, you can use utility hot pressurized water to thaw and break up the frozen soil.

Can you use suction excavation to dig through the frozen ground? Yes! Without a doubt, you can use this modern method to search in cold weather areas and frozen ground.

The process will create a slurry of loose soil and water that can be quickly removed using a vacuum. So, you can easily excavate the area without much hassle.


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