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Plans of a Small House of 90 Square Meters (Maximize the space Usage)

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We will analyze a small house that is only 4.5 meters wide and 20 meters long. AHL architects have managed to naturally illuminate the interior environments using resources such as skylights on the stairs, the same ones that also allow light to pass through the steps, in addition to placing the rooms by floor. Discover below one of the best solutions for room distribution when there is little space to build.

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Plans of the Small House of 4.5 X 20 Meters

On the first floor of the house, a garage (1) has been designed where two vehicles can enter in a row. After this space, the kitchen – dining room (7), and finally, a rear patio (8).

First Floor Plan - Design: AHL architects associates

First Floor Plan – Design: AHL architects associates

As we can see in the floor plan, the construction is inside a lot with boundaries, so natural lighting is through skylights placed in the space where the stairs are located and also through the backyard.

Let’s see below the design of the kitchen-dining room located on the first floor. It can be seen that the design of the stairs does not have a step, and the handrail is made of glass, which allows the light coming from the ceiling to be distributed inside the house.

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3d plan

On the second floor, the living room (10) and a bedroom (12) have been designed, with a bathroom (9) in the center that has been conveniently separated into two parts: the sink with direct entry and separate shower and toilet; let’s see:

Second Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Below is the interior design of the room located on the second floor that is well-lit; the white artificial light is through spotlights placed inside the ceilings, and the natural light is through the skylights in the ceilings. Such ceilings are frequently employed in Blue world city awami homes.

Modern room design

Modern room design

On the third floor of the house, the main bedroom (14) and a children’s bedroom (13) have been designed. This floor also has a central bathroom with the same characteristics that we have seen on the second level.

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Third Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

On the top floor of the house, a guest bedroom (15) and a prayer room (16) have been designed. The space indicated with the number 11 is empty, which has allowed a greater entry of natural light, as we have seen in the interior design.

Plan of the fourth floor of the house

Plan of the fourth floor of the house

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Main Entrance to the House

Raised platform leading to the main entrance door

Raised platform leading to the main entrance door

The access doors have a black steel frame and are completely made of glass. This is another resource that can be used to allow more light to enter the interior spaces.

Interior of the House Looks Modern, Spacious and Bright

View of the passageways and skylights for the entry of natural light

View of the passageways and skylights for the entry of natural light

Design of the stairs and wall with horizontal textures

Design of the stairs and wall with horizontal textures

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