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Career Guide For Engineers

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For those pursuing a career in engineering Redline share a few tips that will help you on your way.

 Learn To Recognize The Bigger Picture

 This may probably be surprising, but the reality is engineering companies are often looking for very business-minded candidates. They would like to hire engineers who are familiar with planning and strategy. Knowing how to navigate the world of financial statements and balance sheets would likely place someone at the top of the list. Every engineer should be aware of how the production cost of products offered by their companies will affect how business decisions are made.

Think Outside “The Box”

In this case, “The Box” refers to your discipline. You may have majored in mechanical engineering, but many new products are very complex and have electronic and software components, which means there is a possibility creating a design will require you to go outside your discipline. Try learning the basics of relevant fields, like software design.

Be A Team Player

These days, designs have become increasingly collaborative, which means that design teams are expanding. Some of these new team members may be outside of the engineering world. Each discipline needs to work together to create solutions and solve complex issues that may arise while marketing products. This means that communication and other “soft” skills are no less important than having technical expertise.

Be An Innovator Who Always Has Ideas

Innovation in product creation is what sets winning companies apart from others. Be open-minded to new concepts and ideas, even when they come from those outside your group. You don’t want to work with companies who are biased and have a “Not-Invented-Here” approach. Seek out those who reward engineers who have innovative ideas, even if they originated elsewhere.

Don’t Be A Passive Alum

Stay in contact with your alma mater and volunteer to participate in technical societies that will expand the networking reach you have. Activities like organizing sessions at conferences will give you much-needed technical experience and boost the reputation of your company.

 Continue Learning New Skills

This is essential since tools used for product design and analysis are constantly improving. Stay at the head of the class by seeking out new opportunities to enroll in training, learn new technologies and take advantage of educational benefits provided by your company. If you have any spare time, use it to attend events held by professional organizations like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

 Improve Your “Soft” Skills

In order to advance in engineering, it is essential to have great verbal and written communication. If you are an engineer who would like to be in management one day, you will have to be comfortable interacting with clients, hosting presentations and working with suppliers and other outside agencies. Possessing soft skills is absolutely essential. A non-profit called Toastmasters International is a nice place to dip your feet into the pool of public speaking.

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