The business of construction is one that, generally speaking, requires a great number of tools to operate smoothly. What this means is that most construction companies, no matter how well equipped, won’t have every tool for every occasion. Hiring tools that you use infrequently is a common practice, and often the cost of purchasing and maintaining a tool is simply too much when the purpose of the tool can be achieved otherwise.

In spite of all this, there are a handful of tools that almost any construction business would kill to have. Whether they are useful or just plain cool, these tools often fall in the categories of “too expensive” and “not used enough” which means that they are too often not a part of your average construction business. That being said, here is a handful of useful machines that any construction business would love to have.


Machines for Construction Business

1. A 3D Printer

The use of 3D printers cannot be understated. However, it should be said that this is in reference to the larger, faster, and all-around far more effective machines such as the Stratasys Fortus 450MC or the Desktop Metal Studio System+, rather than the cheaper systems that are often purchased by enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The ability to print almost any shape rapidly and effectively allows for an incredible amount of versatility and complex planning when creating build plans. Plus, these machines often produce products strong enough to be used in certain building situations. In fact, these machines are so incredibly useful and versatile that it is almost always a good investment for any company.

2. A Waterjet Cutter

These incredible devices allow for almost any material to be precisely and quickly cut to a required size. This machine is wonderful in particular because of its capability to reduce the time and inaccuracy incumbent on any process in which a large, strong material needs to be cut for a building project. Because of the relatively simple way these machines operate and their speed and precision, Waterjet systems, such as the kinds available from, are an incredible addition to any construction company.

3. An Industrial Air Compressor

This is an incredibly useful and versatile machine that is capable of compressing air to incredibly high pressure. This is useful in providing an alternative method of powering key construction equipment rather than relying on electric power. Such power is useful because it makes compatible equipment, such as jackhammers, industrial grinders, and impact wrenches, far more portable and often more powerful than electrical power would allow.

4. A LASER Engraving Machine

Engraving machines are quite an interesting part of construction, as they are typically used to create intricate patterns on projects as requested by clients. There are options when it comes to engraving equipment, but in general, LASER engraving machines are preferable due to their higher speed and precision, without any risk of human error. These machines can be quite amazing to see at work, but they are generally so niche that it is better to hire such machines unless you work in an area where you are regularly required to carve intricate patterns into products.

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