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How To Make Sure You Have A Safer Workplace

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It is important to stay safe and healthy at work. You need to reduce your risks of illness and injury at work, no matter what your job might be. Below are some tips for making your workplace safe.
Know the Risks
If you understand the specific hazards of your workplace or job, it becomes easier to take steps to reduce your risk of work-related illness or injury. Make sure you keep up to date on all policies and procedures, such as the manual handling procedures.
Protect the Back
If you have to pick up and carry heavy loads, ensure that they stay close to the body and use your thigh muscles to lift.
Wear Protective Gear to Match the Task
If you wear protective gear such as earmuffs, earplugs, safety goggles, hard hat, full-face mask, gloves, or CAT boots correctly, you can reduce your risk of injury considerably.
Reduce Workplace Stress
The common causes of workplace stress include job insecurity, heavy workload, long hours, and conflicts with bosses or coworkers. Stress often leads to problems with concentration, sleeping difficulties, and even depression.
Use Mechanical Aids Whenever Possible
Instead of attempting to carry or lift a heavy item, you should use a crane, forklift, conveyor belt, or wheelbarrow instead.
Take Breaks Regularly
Staying alert and fresh can help you avoid burnout or injury. Schedule the hardest tasks of each day for the times when your concentration is at its best, such as first thing in the morning.
Avoid Twisting or Stooping
It can be a good idea to use equipment and furniture that’s ergonomically designed and reorganize the work areas such that everything that you need is within easy reach.
Stay Sober
Drugs and alcohol are a contributing factor in about 3 percent of workplace fatalities.
Raise Your Concerns
You should always inform your human resources manager or employer about risk and hazards. Your employer is obligated under the law to provide a safe working environment.
Know Your Rights
Organizations or unions can offer advice and information pertaining to workplace safety issues.

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