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Download Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers by Mamlouk and Zainewski Book [PDF]

October 19, 2014
A basic function of civil and construction engineering is to provide and maintain the infrastructure needs of society. The infrastructure includes buildings, water treatment and distribution systems, waste water removal and processing, dams, and highway and airport bridges and pavements. Although some civil and construction engineers are involved in the planning process, most are concerned with the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities.

The common denominator among these responsibilities is the need to understand the behavior and performance of materials. Although not all civil and construction engineers need to be material specialists, a basic understanding of the material selection process, and the behavior of materials, is a fundamental requirement for all civil and construction engineers performing design, construction, and maintenance. Material requirements in civil engineering and construction facilities are different from material requirements in other engineering disciplines. Frequently, civil engineering structures require tons of materials with relatively low replications of specific designs.
Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers
Generally, the materials used in civil engineering have relatively low unit costs. In many cases, civil engineering structures are formed or fabricated in the field under adverse conditions. Finally, many civil engineering structures are directly exposed to detrimental effects of the environment.

Title of the Book

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers

Author(s) of the Book

Michael S. Mamlouk
John P. Zaniewski


3rd Edition

Contents of Book

Materials Engineering Concepts
Nature of Materials
Portland Cement, Mixing Water and Admixtures
Portland Cement Concrete
Asphalt Binders and Asphalt Mixtures
Wood / Timber

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