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Iamcivilengineer.com - publishes a monthly based magazine with title of "iamcivilengineer - the magazine". The purpose of the magazine is to spread the voice of civil engineers. The magazine have articles, updates, research and many other resources.

Iamcivilengineer - The Magazine

We also publish soft form of the magazine here which is updated every month.

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If you want to get a printed version every month you can get such a colorful glossy magazine and at very reasonable rates - The subscription is open for everyone and anyone can subscribe. Currently we have following subscription Plans : -

1) Bronze - Rs. 5000 / - ($ 47.00) Per 6 months
2) Silver - Rs. 10,000 / - ($ 94.00) Per Year
3) Gold - Rs. 20,000 / - ($189.00) Per 2 Years

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Archive of the Magazine

Below is the archive of our magazines. You can view all the editions online.

November, 2015
No. of Pages - 20
Type : Color
File Type : Pdf
Articles : 11
Date of Publication: 30th October, 2015
Author : Saad Iqbal
View Here

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