Download Cases in Construction Management by W.J. Slater, FCIOS PDF Book

Download Cases in Construction Management by W.J. Slater, FCIOS PDF Book

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The use of cases in management education is now well established. There is, however, a gap in the number and quality of construction management cases. It is hoped this book will help to fill the gap.

The cases will be suitable for all management courses, both in-company and college based, but will be particularly useful for the chartered Institute of Building membership I and II examinations. The cases have been tried out on students and found to be effective. The author has been a lecturer and management consultant for 24 years. He has his own consultancy business and is also a Director in PES Associates – Management Consultants. The case work is principally taken from his own case Book.

It is important to have a tutors manual as all the information need not and possibly should not be given to the student. Additional information which is likely to be called for is the tutors manual. There is, however, still scope for the tutor to use his own imagination.

People learn better when doing and the case method is one of the best ways to do this. The tutor becomes a course manager and not a talking machine. He will learn as well as the students.
Geographical names may be changed to suit the location the case is being operated. Local Conditions should be considered.

Title of the Book

Cases in Construction Management
A construction News Book

Author of the Book

W.J. Slater, FCIOS

Contents of the Book

1. Type Construction Ltd Case
2. Jones Bros Ltd Case
3. Environmental Services Ltd Case
4. GM Construction Co Ltd. Case
5. The Scott Case
6. The National Plant Co Ltd. Case
7. Northern Construction Ltd. Case
8. Discipline Cases
9. The 4 ½ Day Week Case
10. 10. Proposed Consortium Case
11. S. Sands (North East) Ltd. Case
12. Lawnswood Housing Ltd Case
13. UK Construction Ltd Case
14. Dispute Case
15. Norhmbria Construction Ltd. Case

Preview of the Book

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Download Cases in Construction Management by W.J. Slater, FCIOS PDF Book

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