Removal of Illegal Construction of Chruch

Removal of Illegal Construction of Chruch

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islamabad - The Islamabad Capital Domain (ICT) organization has looked for expulsion of, what it saw, an illicit under-development church in suburbia of the government capital.

Boss Magistrate Islamabad office has asked the administrator Capital Advancement Power (CDA) to expel the illicit church at Harno Thanda Pani arranged inside the points of confinement of Nilore police headquarters, Islamabad, to 'evade any untoward episode.


A letter composed by chief organization ICT to CDA administrator said the congregation is being developed unlawfully and necessities expulsion.

The progression has been taken in the light of Islamabad police report on the congregation.

The letter likewise contains the report arranged by IG Islamabad police in regards to unlawful development of the congregation in which the same has been seen as danger to peace in future.

Then, Islamabad civil organization has requested that executive requirement CDA expel unlawful steers market from Saidpur model town and wreck crossed out counter lodges situated in various parts of Islamabad.

The city organization has officially assigned a sub-examiner as central individual for the benefit of DMA who will go with/help the requirement staff for the subject operation/undertaking which is liable to happen in the coming days.

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Removal of Illegal Construction of Chruch

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