Download Building Materials by S.K. Duggal PDF

Download Building Materials by S.K. Duggal PDF

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The Book is considerably modified version of the 2000 edition. In thrid edition of the book extensive revisions have been made. New materials have been introduced due to the advances in the technology and progress in industry. The information presented includes characteristics of the materials in regards to their physical and mechanical properties with emphasis on their strength and durability qualities. The material presented can be supplemented by the information from I.S. codes and various product manufactureres.

This edition embodies material changes in the chapters dealing with cement, concrete, limite and many others. Testing procedures of the materials have been updated for most of the materials as some of the codes have been revised. Especially, in chapeter 3 on Rocks and Stones the section on testing of stones has been completely rewritten. 

Chapter 8 on Lime has been completely rewritten to make it more reader friendly. Logcial changes in Chapter 5 on cement, chapter 10 on concrete and chapter 20 on special cements and cement concretes have been made. Admixtures for concrete have been placed in chapter 10 and section on Pointing has been removed from chapter 12 on building mortars. Many newer and upcoming more important concretes such as self compacting concrete, bacterial concrete have been introduced in chapter 20 on special cements and cement concrete. Numerous revision of data and substitutions in description have been made not only in these chapters but in other chapters also. Smart materials and composite materials have been introduced in chapter 2 on miscellaneous materials. The author will be greatful to the readers for their comments and suggestions for further improvement of the book. 

Title of the Book

Building Materials
S. K. Duggal

Contents of the Book

1. Principal Properties of Building Materials
2. Structural Clay Products
3. Rock and Stones
4. Wood and Wood Products
5. Materials for making concrete cement
6. Materials for making concrete-II aggregates
7. Materials for Making Concrete-III Water
8. Materials for Making Concrete-IV Lime
9. Puzzolanas
10. Concrete
11. Concrete Mix Design
12. Building Mortars
13. Ferrous Metals
14. Non-Ferrous Metals
15. Ceramic Materials
16. Polymeric Materials
17. Paints, Enamels and Varishes 
18. Tar, Buitemen and Asphalt
19. Gypsum 
20. Specials Cements and Cement Concrete
21. Miscellaneous Materials

Download the Book

The book is available for free and is not confined to the Members only 

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Download Building Materials by S.K. Duggal PDF

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