Download Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design By James G. Macgregor PDF

Download Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design By James G. Macgregor PDF

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Concrete and reinforced concrete are used as building materials in every country. In many, including the united states and Canada, reinforced concrete is a dominant structural material in engineered construction. The universal nature of reinforced concrete construction stems from the wide availability of reinforcing bars and the constituents of concrete, gravel, sand, and cement, the relatively simple skills required in concrete construction, and the economy of reinforced concrete compared to other forms of construction. Concrete and reinforced concrete are used in bridges, buildings of all sorts, underground structures, water tanks ,television towers, offshore oil exploration and production structures dams, and even in ships.

Title of the Book

Reinforced Concrete
Mechanics and Design

Author of Book

James G. Macgregor

University Professor Emeritus

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Alberta

Contents of the Book

Design Process
Flexure; basic concepts, Rectangular Beams
T beams and beams with compression reinforcement and special cases
Shear in beams
Development, anchorage and splicing of reinforcement
Continuous beams and one way slabs
Columns : combined axial load and bending
Slender Columns
Two ways slabs
Equivalent Frame Method
Two way slabs : Elastic yield line, and strip method analysis
Shear Friction, Horizontal Shear Transfer, And Composite Concrete Beams
Discontinuity Regions, Corbles, Deep beams, And Joints
Design for Earth Quake Resistance

Download the Book

Download the complete book of Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design by James G. Macregor
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Download Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design By James G. Macgregor PDF

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