Download ACI Building Code 318-05 [PDF]

Download ACI Building Code 318-05 [PDF]

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ACI 318-05 Building Code requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
This code I am sharing today defines and explains one by one all the provisions of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Building Code i.e. ACI 318-08.

ACI Building Code 318-08

This code provides minimum requirements for design and construction of structural concrete elements of any structure erected under requirements of the legally adopted general building code of which this code forms a part. In areas without a legally adopted building code, this code defines minimum acceptable standards of design and construction practice. For structural concrete,  f c′  shall not be less than 2500 psi. No maximum value of f c′  shall apply unless restricted by a specific code provision.


Chapter 1—General Requirements
Chapter 2—Notation And Definitions
Chapter 3—Materials
Chapter 4—Durability Requirements
Chapter 5—Concrete Quality, Mixing, And Placing
Chapter 6—Formwork, Embedded Pipes, And Construction Joints
Chapter 7—Details Of Reinforcement
Chapter 8—Analysis And Design—General Considerations
Chapter 9—Strength And Serviceability Requirements
Chapter 10—Flexure And Axial Loads
Chapter 11—Shear And Torsion
Chapter 12—Development And Splices Of Reinforcement
Chapter 13—Two-Way Slab Systems
Chapter 14—Walls
Chapter 15—Footings
Chapter 16—Precast Concrete
Chapter 17—Composite Concrete Flexural Members
Chapter 18—Prestressed Concrete
Chapter 19—Shells And Folded Plate Members
Chapter 20—Strength Evaluation Of Existing Structures
Chapter 21—Special Provisions For Seismic Design
Chapter 22—Structural Plain Concrete
Appendix A—Strut-And-Tie Models
Appendix B—Alternative Provisions For Reinforced And Prestressed
Appendix C—Alternative Load And Strength Reduction Factors
Appendix D—Anchoring To Concrete
Appendix E—Steel Reinforcement Information
Commentary References


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Download ACI Building Code 318-05 [PDF]

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