Download The Civil Engineeirng Handbook by W.F. Chen and J.Y Richard Liew [PDF]

Download The Civil Engineeirng Handbook by W.F. Chen and J.Y Richard Liew [PDF]

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The construction industry is one of the largest segments of business in the United States, with the percentage of the gross national product spent in construction over the last several years averaging about 10%. For 2001, the total amount spent on new construction contracts in the U.S. is estimated at $481 billion [  Engineering News Record,   Nov.  19, 2001]. 
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Of this total, about $214 billion is estimated for residential projects, $167 billion for nonresidential projects, and the rest for non building projects. Construction is the realization phase of the civil engineering process, following conception and design.
It  is the role of the constructor to turn the ideas of the planner and the detailed plans of the designer into physical reality. The owner is the ultimate consumer of the product and is often the general public. 
The Civil Engineering Handbook by W.F. Chen & J.Y Richard Liew

Title Of the Book

The Civil Engineering Handbook 

Edition of the Book

Second Edition

Authors of the Book

W.F. ChenJ.Y Richard Liew

About the Book and Authors

The Civil Engineering Handbook consists of 8 sections of more than 2000 pages of complete civil engineering encyclopedia. It is being written by W.F Chen who is currently Dean of the College of Engineering at University of Hawaii. He has done bachelors in Civil Engineering from the national Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan in 1959. He is also a Ph.D. in Solid mechanics from Brown University, RI, in 1966. Along with him is a very passionate and devoted person Mr. J.Y.Richard Liew. He is also currently associate professor with the Department of Civil Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He is graduated in 1986 and is a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from Purdue University, IN, in 1992. 
There are more than 20 Contributors mostly PhDs and related to Civil Engineering and construction industry.

Contents of the Book

The Civil Engineering Handbook is divided in 8 sections division is given as;
Section 1: Construction
Section2: Environmental Engineering
Section 3: Geotechnical Engineering
Section 4: Hydraulic Engineering
Section 5: Materials Engineering
Section 6: Structural Engineering
Section 7: Surveying Engineering
Section 8: Transportation Engineering
And at last the rich appendix includes basic definition, formulas, tables, charts, stats etc. very useful for your knowledge. 

Preview of the Book

Here is a clean live preview of the book. The Civil Engineering Handbook can now be read easily online without downloading, but you can download as well of course. 

Download The Civil Engineering Handbook

So You have decided to Download The Civil Engineering Handbook. 

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Download The Civil Engineeirng Handbook by W.F. Chen and J.Y Richard Liew [PDF]

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