10+ Reasons not to marry Civil Engineer

10+ Reasons not to marry Civil Engineer

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Civil engineering is a very ruff field in comparison with other engineering disciplines like electrical, mechanical and software etc. The truth of the above statement can be justified by the fact that civil engineering has the least amount of female students or professionals. Although engineering by large has least amount of female students but among all civil has least.

10+ Reasons not to marry Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers working as Divisional Officers, Executive Engineers, Principle Engineers, Resident Engineers, Junior Engineers, Site Engineers, Site Inspector, Quality Control / Quality Assurance Engineers, Estimation and Quantity Surveyors, Surveyors and other designations. All of these designations require persons that are strong mentally and physically.

Hardships of day and night work, working in site with intense heat, working in rain and away from family for months and such other hardships makes this branch of engineering a tuff and hard one.
Due to these few reasons and just for the sake of fun following is a list of 10+ Reasons why One must not marry a civil engineering.

Note: This post is only for fun and just to put some smile on your face :P 

1. Civil Engineers like Smoking/Drinking.
2. Civil Engineers like going out
3. Civil Engineers usually think they are genius compare to other
4. Civil Engineers always too busy with work, no time with family
5. Civil Engineers usually over work, too tired when return home, need to be taken care
6. Civil Engineers only take female humans as aliens
7. Civil Engineers only understand the language of drawing
8. Civil Engineers only do romance with theodolite and total station.
9. Civil Engineers date with nature not having so called aliens for them
10. Civil Engineers love to eat and cook junk food
11. Civil Engineers love to look awkward.

If you dare to marry a civil engineer, you have to make sure that you are strong enough.

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10+ Reasons not to marry Civil Engineer

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